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2018-2019 Catalog
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Adding/Dropping Courses and Late Registration

Students should exercise care in registration to avoid the necessity of schedule changes after classes have begun. During a registration period through the last day of add/drop, classes may be added or dropped from a student’s schedule. Adds and drops may be completed via the myWings portal or in person at One-Stop Student Services. Courses officially dropped during the add/drop period will not be entered on a student’s permanent record and a refund will be generated.

A final grade of “F” is assigned if a student discontinues attendance in a course without officially dropping or withdrawing.

Non-attendance does not guarantee a student will be dropped from a class. Students are fee liable for all courses for which they register unless they drop the course. Students must drop themselves from all courses they do not want to take.

Students whose first registration activity for a given semester occurs during add/drop week or students who add a class during the Late Registration period will be assessed a Late Registration fee of $100. Students are not charged the Late Registration fee for every class added; it's only assessed once for that term.

Students are not permitted to add a course after the add/drop period unless there are unusual circumstances clearly beyond the student’s control. When such a case exists, the student must complete and have approved a Request for Late Registration Form (available from One-Stop Student Services). A Late Registration fee of $100 will be added to the student's account for late registration. A Late Payment fee of $100 may also be assessed. The Late Registration deadline is posted on the Academic Calendar. Students wishing to register for a course after the posted deadline must submit a Student Petition of Academic Policy, supported by a statement of extenuating circumstances and proper documentation, to be considered for late-adding a course. 

Courses scheduled to meet for the first time after add/drop ends may be dropped the next business day only in One-Stop Student Services. Tuition payment is still due on the regular deadline for all classes.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific registration period dates and deadlines.