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2018-2019 Catalog
Civil Engineering (MS in Civil Engineering)

Program Description for Civil Engineering

Major: Civil Engineering Degree: MS in Civil Engineering

Major Requirements

MSCE Requirements: (30 credit hours)
The Civil Engineering master's degree consists of a minimum of 30.0 credit hours.
Students select from one of two degree options: (1) thesis or (2) non-thesis.

**All programs of study must be approved by the School of Engineering Graduate Program Director prior to the end of the second semester of graduate study.**

UNF Conditions for the degree:
For more details on the below and additional conditions, refer to the UNF Graduate School's webpage:

  • 1. A GPA of 3.0 must be maintained. If the GPA falls below 3.0, probation will result.
  • 2. At least 18.0 hours of coursework at the 6000-level must be applied toward the degree.
  • 3. All coursework for a graduate or post-baccalaureate professional degree must be completed within six years of a master's degree-seeking student being admitted to a graduate program. All exceptions must be approved by the student's Graduate Program Director and the Dean of the Graduate School.

    School of Engineering Conditions for the degree:
  • 1. All coursework must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better.
  • 2. A GPA of 3.0 must be maintained. If the GPA falls below 3.0, academic probation will result.
  • 3. No more than 6.0 hours of transfer coursework can be applied to the degree, with the following exception:
    A student may transfer up to 12.0 hours from online graduate courses taken within the Florida State University System, provided the total of all transfer courses does not exceed 12 credit hours.
  • 4. A student may not receive 5000-level credit for a cross-listed 4000/5000-level course previously completed at the 4000-level. Exceptions to this rule may be considered with documented evidence of significant and appropriate differences in content between the courses.

EGN6456 Advanced Engineering Analysis (3 Credits)

or approved substitute graduate mathematics course. See list of approved electives in the School of Engineering office.

EGN6457 Adv. Res. Methods for Engineer (3 Credits)

RESEARCH for Thesis option --

Thesis option: Select 6.0 hrs of CGN 6970 CE Thesis.
(Non-thesis option will select 6.0 hrs of additional electives, as indicated below.)

SELECT Required Electives --

  1. Civil Engineering Electives: select a minimum of 12.0 hrs from the list below or other CE electives approved by the Graduate Advisor.
    • CEG 5304 Applied Engineering Geology
    • CEG 6016 Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
    • CEG 6018 Applied Computational Geotechnics
    • CEG 6118 Advanced Foundation Engineering
    • CEG 6320 Drilled Shafts in Rock
    • CEG 6515 Earth Retaining Sys/Slope Stability
    • CEG 6806 Ground and Site Improvement
    • CES 5326 Bridge Engineering
    • CES 5706 Advanced Reinforced Concrete
    • CES 6144 Matrix Structural Analysis
    • CES 6715 Prestressed Concrete
    • CES 6116 Finite Element
    • CGN 6875C Adv Concrete Materials/Methods
    • CWR 5545 Water Resources Systems
    • CWR 5305 Stormwater Management
    • CWR 6005 Introduction to Coastal Engineering
    • CWR 6150 Engineering Hydrology
    • CWR 6236 River Engineering/Sediment Transport
    • ENV 5640 Design of Water Quality Mgmt Facilities
    • ENV 6510 Aquatic Chemical Processes
    • ENV 6511 Biological Treatment Systems
    • ENV 6519 Physical/Chemical Treatment Systems
    • TTE 5805 Advanced Highway Geometric Design
    • TTE 5255 Traffic Signal Systems
    • TTE 5205 Operational Analysis of Trans Facilities
    • TTE 6272 Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • TTE 6315 Highway Safety Analysis
    • CGN 5932 Special Topics in Civil Engineering (v1-3)
    • CGN 6933 Special Topics in Civil Engineering (v1-3)
    • CGN 6900 Supervised Graduate Research (v1-3) can be repeated up to 6 hours.

  2. Other Electives: Select sufficient hours of non-civil engineering electives at the graduate level to earn a total of 30.0 hours in the program. CE electives may be used to satisfy this requirement.
    • Thesis option: Select up to 6.0 hours of non-civil engineering electives. Electives must be approved by the Graduate Advisor.
    • Non-thesis option: Select up to 12.0 hours of non-civil engineering electives. A list of approved electives is available in the School of Engineering.

Note: Civil engineering elective courses may also be selected from on-line courses from Florida State University System within the limitations discussed above, and must be approved by the Graduate Advisor for thesis students and by the Graduate Program Director or Graduate Advisor for non-thesis students.