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2019-2020 Catalog
Students wear white lab coats and face masks during event

Florida Prepaid

There are two main types of tuition prepaid plans - (1) tuition or (2) tuition and local fees. Tuition plans cover the tuition, financial aid & capital improvement fees at the undergraduate rate (see the current tuition and fee schedule). Students with tuition only plans and no pending financial aid will have to pay the local fees (see the current tuition and fee schedule) by the tuition deadline to avoid having a $100 late payment fee assessed to their account. Students who have tuition and local fee plans have most of their fees covered, but will have to pay some fees -  the technology fee, transportation access fee, student life and services fee (see the current tuition and fee schedule) and other nominal charges (such as lab fees, distance learning or ID card fee).

The Student Financial Services Office automatically defers the Florida Prepaid amount on the student’s bill based on the number of credit hours registered or the number of hours remaining on the student’s prepaid plan, whichever is less. This amount will display on myWings as “Credit Balance” on “View & Pay My Bill.”  Students who do not want the University to bill Florida Prepaid for a particular semester must complete an opt-out form by the end of the first week of the semester. The form is only available online via Student Self Service Online Forms within MyWings. The opt-out form is valid for one semester only and must be completed by the end of the add/drop period, every semester the student wishes to opt out.  Students who have Florida Prepaid for residence hall charges must submit a copy of their Prepaid card to housing by the housing due date. The payment is not posted to the students’ accounts until the payment is received by Florida Prepaid.