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Honors Program Fees 

Experiential Learning Fee

Pursuant to §1009.24 (14) (m) & (l), Florida Statutes, the University charges Honors students a $200 fee to offset specific, identifiable increased costs to the University for off-campus course offerings as well as materials and supplies consumed in the course of Honors students’ instructional activities. This is a one-time fee charged to all entering Honors students. The fee supports special activities and opportunities for Honors students, including orientation, student events, recognition ceremonies, and class trips. The fee is non-refundable and will be added to the student's account for the first fall semester in which the student attends UNF.

Honors Housing Fee

Honors freshmen students arrive on campus two and a half days before the rest of the freshmen class to participate in the Honors Freshmen Retreat. Students living in the UNF Residence halls are assessed a daily fee for the first two nights (currently $25/night). The freshmen are met with a full 3-day program of activities that both builds the Honors community and introduces the students to some of the resources at the University that will help them succeed. Students also participate in activities designed to build the Honors community. There are academic activities, like the Something You Know A Lot About presentations, team-building activities at UNF's Eco-Adventures facility, and social activities. We believe that the Honors Freshman Retreat is one of the most important and successful programs that helps our students succeed in college. Aside from the Housing fee, all of the activities (and even most meals until the meal plan begins) at the Honors Freshman Retreat are covered by their one-time Experiential Learning Fee described above.