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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Graduate Courses

All Departments

ACG6005: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 3 ACG6305: Management Accounting 3 ACG6309: Advanced Managerial Accounting Theory 3 ACG6405: Advanced Accounting Information Systems 3 ACG6505: Not-For-Profit Accounting 3 ACG6645: Auditing Theory 3 ACG6805: Advanced Accounting Theory 3 ACG6835: Accounting Ethics 3 ACG6838: Accounting Fraud 3 ACG6905: Advanced Studies in Accounting v. 1-3 ACG6936: Special Topics in Accounting v. 1-3 ACG6957: Study Abroad in Accounting v. 1-9 ADV5408: Strategic Branding 3 AFH6935: Readings in African History 3 AMH5235: U.S. in the 1920's 3 AMH5395: Mark Twain's America 3 AMH5446: The Frontier in American History 3 AMH5515: U.S. in World Affairs 3 AMH5587: Native Southerners 3 AMH5675: Atlantic Slave Trade 3 AMH5934: Selected Topics: US History 3 AMH6256: Era of World War II 3 AMH6429: Early Florida 3 AMH6905: Readings in American History I 3 AMH6907: Readings in American History II 3 AMH6935: Directed Reading in American History 3 AMH6936: Seminar in American History 3 AML6506: Studies in Early American Literature 3 AML6507: Studies in Later American Literature 3 ANG5472: Globalization and Development 3 APK5332: Pharmacology for Chronic Diseases 3 APK6056: Special Topics in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine 3 APK6057: Research in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine 3 APK6107C: Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology and ECG 3 APK6111C: Medical Exercise Physiology 3 APK6116C: Exercise Physiology and Laboratory Techniques 3 APK6127C: Human Physiological Assessment 3 APK6135: Periodization 3 APK6176: Advanced Concepts in Strength Training 3 APK6235C: Physical Activity Measurement in Research and Medicine 3 APK6327: Seminar in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine v. 1-3 APK6336: Physical Activity Epidemiology and Evidence Review 3 APK6415: Behavioral Medicine 3 APK6900: Independent Study in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine 3 APK6942: Internship or Project in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine v. 3-6 APK6972: Thesis in Kinesiology and Lifestyle Medicine v. 3-6 ASH5225: Islamic History to 1798 3 ASH5445: Japan Before 1868 3 ASH5447: Japan After 1868 3 ASH5935: Special Topics: Asian History 3 ASH6936: Seminar in Asian History 3 ATR5105C: Foundations in Athletic Training 3 ATR5119C: Emergency Management of Athletic Trauma 3 ATR5126C: Gross Anatomy for Athletic Trainers 4 ATR5217C: Orthopedic Assessment and Diagnosis I 3 ATR5218C: Orthopedic Assessment and Diagnosis II 3 ATR5306C: Therapeutic Interventions I 3 ATR5307C: Therapeutic Interventions II 3 ATR5406C: Clinical Medicine 3 ATR5815C: Clinical Integration I 3 ATR5825C: Clinical Integration II 3 ATR6308C: Therapeutic Interventions III 3 ATR6505C: Seminar in Athletic Training 3 ATR6516: Athletic Training Administration 3 ATR6617: Research Methods 3 ATR6618: Applied Research 3 ATR6835C: Clinical Integration III 3 ATR6845C: Clinical Integration IV 3 ATR6907: Independent Study in Athletic Training v. 1-3 ATR6945L: Clinical-Decision Making I 1 ATR6946L: Clinical-Decision Making II 1 ATR6949C: Clinical Integration Experience 3 BCH5418: Advanced Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 3 BCH5418L: Advanced Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Laboratory 1 BCN5036: Research Methods in Construction 3 BCN5725: Construction Project Management 3 BCN5737: Advanced Issues in Construction Safety and Health 3 BCN6305: Building Information Modeling 3 BCN6315: Advanced Construction Technology 3 BCN6470: Production Management in Construction 3 BCN6585: Sustainability in Construction 3 BCN6595: Environmental Issues in Land Development and Construction 3 BCN6715: Construction Labor Resources 3 BCN6728: Construction Planning and Scheduling 3 BCN6748: Construction Law 3 BCN6763: Constructability 3 BCN6770: Advanced Topics in Construction Management 3 BCN6949: Construction Management Practicum 3 BCN6970: Masters Thesis Research 3 BOT5186C: Advanced Marine Botany 4 BOT5585C: Advanced Plant Anatomy and Physiology 4 BSC5028: Advanced Biology of Aging 3 BSC5075C: Advanced Physiology 4 BSC5872: Advanced Biological Pharmacology 3 BSC5905: Directed Independent Study: Biology v. 2-4 BSC5930: Biology Seminar 1 BSC5936: Selected Topics in Biology v. 1-4 BSC6840: Critical Skills in Science 3 BSC6917: Advanced Graduate Research v. 1-4 BSC6931: Advanced Readings in Biology v. 1-3 BSC6941: Mayo Clinic Graduate Biomedical Research Internship v. 1-4 BSC6948: Graduate Internship in Biomedical Science v. 1-4 BSC6971: Graduate Thesis Defense 1 BSC6972: Graduate Thesis Research v. 1-9 BUL5810: Law and Business Environment 3 BUL6138: Management in the Legal Environment 3 BUL6840: Employment Law 3 BUL6904: Directed Individual Studies in Business Law v. 1-3 CAP5605: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3 CAP5771: Data Mining 3 CAP6100: User Experience Design 3 CAP6610: Machine Learning 3 CAP6635: Advanced Artificial Intelligence 3 CAP6768: Data Analytics 3 CAP6776: Information Retrieval and Text Mining 3 CAP6777: Data Mining 3 CCJ5066: Poverty and Crime 3 CCJ5079: Crime Mapping 3 CCJ5346: Crisis Intervention and Collective Behavior 3 CCJ5456: Criminal Justice Administration Theory and Practice 3 CCJ5475: Criminal Justice Planning and Evaluation 3 CCJ5646: Organized Crime 3 CCJ5652: Drugs, Crime and Society 3 CCJ5665: Victimology 3 CCJ5668: Elite Crime 3 CCJ5692: Women and Crime 3 CCJ5743: Graduate Supervised Research Experience in Criminal Justice 3 CCJ5930: Issues in Modern Criminal Justice 3 CCJ5934: Special Topics in Criminal Justice 3 CCJ6050: Criminal Justice Systems 3 CCJ6059: Advanced Criminological Theory 3 CCJ6309: History and Philosophy of Corrections 3 CCJ6457: Administration of Justice 3 CCJ6639: Issues in Social and Criminal Justice 3 CCJ6705: Advanced Methods of Criminological Research 3 CCJ6706: Quantitative Research Methods 3 CCJ6709: Qualitative Research Methods 3 CCJ6906: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 CCJ6944: Graduate Supervised Teaching Experience in Criminal Justice v. 3-6 CCJ6946: Graduate Practicum in Criminal Justice v. 3-6 CCJ6974: Thesis/Demonstration Project v. 3-6 CEG5304: Applied Engineering Geology 3 CEG6118: Advanced Foundation Engineering 3 CEG6320: Drilled Shaft Foundations in Rock 3 CEG6515: Slope Stability 3 CEG6806: Ground and Site Improvement 3 CEN6001: Software Requirements Engineering 3 CEN6016: Engineering of Software 3 CEN6017: Engineering of Software II 3 CEN6036: Software Architecture 3 CEN6070: Software Quality Assurance and Testing 3 CEN6079: Secure Software Development 3 CEN6086: Cloud Computing 3 CEN6940: Computing Practicum 3 CES6144: Matrix Structural Analysis 3 CES6715: Prestressed Concrete 3 CGN5010: Math Methods for Engineers 3 CGN5320: Advanced GIS Applications in Civil Engineering 3 CGN5406: Risk Assessment 3 CGN5932: Special Topics in Civil Engineering v. 1-3 CGN6125: Legal Considerations in Engineering and Construction 3 CGN6335: Advanced Oceanography & Meteorology 3 CGN6900: Supervised Graduate Research 3 CGN6933: Special Topics in Civil Engineering v. 1-3 CGN6970: Civil Engineering Master's Thesis v. 1-6 CIS5105: Systems Performance and Evaluation 3 CIS5930: Special Topics in Computer and Information Sciences v. 1-4 CIS5935: Seminar v. 1-3 CIS5949: Experiential Studies in Computing v. 1-3 CIS6302: Distributed and Internet Systems 3 CIS6371: Applied Cryptography 3 CIS6372: Information Assurance 3 CIS6900: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 CIS6913: Research Methods in Computing 3 CIS6917: Research Experiences I 3 CIS6918: Research Experiences II 3 CIS6930: Special Topics in Computer and Information Sciences v. 1-4 CIS6935: Seminar v. 1-3 CIS6970: Thesis 3 CJC5135: Prisons and Jails 3 CJC5165: Community Corrections and Offender Reentry 3 CJC5420: Counseling Applications in Criminal Justice 3 CJC5425: Methods of Offender Treatment 3 CJC5520: Punishment and Society 3 CJE5121: Homeland Security and Criminal Justice 3 CJE5320: Police Administration 3 CJE5428: Critical Issues in Community Policing 3 CJE6209: Law, Deviance, and Social Control 3 CJE6268: Minorities and Crime 3 CJE6329: Police Effectiveness 3 CJJ5586: Working with Juveniles and Youthful Offenders 3 CJL5025: Women, Justice and the Law 3 CJL5120: Criminal Law and Procedure in the Criminal Justice System 3 CJL6020: Prosecution and Defense Procedure 3 CJL6026: Issues in Law and Justice Process 3 CLP6441C: Individual Intelligence Testing 4 CLP6445C: Individual Personality Testing 4 CNT5505: Computer Networks and Distributed Processing 3 CNT6130: Software Defined Networking 3 CNT6167: Internet of Things 3 CNT6407: Internet Security 3 CNT6519: Wireless Network Security 3 CNT6707: Network Architecture and Client/Server Computing 3 CNT6730: Advanced Computer Networks 3 COM5046: Interpersonal Communication 3 COM5126: Organizational Communication 3 COM5226: Theory and Research Methods in Health Communication 3 COM5348: Interviewing: Theories and Methods 3 COM5445: Small Group Communication 3 COM5627: Lying and Deception 3 COM5705: Listening 3 COP5615: Operating Systems 3 COP5625: Construction of Language Translators 4 COP6284: Programming for Data Science 3 COP6611: Advanced Operating Systems 3 COP6616: Parallel Computing 3 COP6711: Database Engineering and Administration 3 COT6405: Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3 COT6416: Computational Complexity 3 CPO5535: Politics of South Asia 3 CPO6206: Politics of Africa 3 CRW5935: Special Topics in Creative Writing 3 CRW6905: Creative Writing Independent Study 3 CRW6925: Graduate Creative Writing Workshop v. 3-9 CWR5007: Coastal Processes 3 CWR5008: Introduction to Coastal and Port Engineering 3 CWR5015: Advanced Field Methods 3 CWR5025: Water Wave Mechanics 3 CWR5128: Advanced Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport 3 CWR5241: Sediment Transport 3 CWR5305: Stormwater Management 3 CWR5526: Computational Fluid Dynamics 3 CWR5531: Numerical Modeling of Coastal Systems 3 CWR5545: Water Resources Systems 3 CWR5820: Coastal Structures 3 CWR5824: Coastal and Estuarine Hydrodynamics 3 CWR5830: Port and Harbor Engineering 3 CWR6026: Nonlinear Waves 3 CWR6236: River Engineering and Sediment Transport 3 CWR6285: Turbulence 3 CWR6560: Advanced Numerical Modeling of Coastal Systems 3 CWR6605: Major River Systems of Florida 3 DEP6055: Human Development 3 DIE6127: Advanced Administration of Food and Nutrition Services 3 DIE6128: Food Service Management I 3 DIE6138: Food Service Management II 3 DIE6241: Advanced Medical Nutrition Therapy 3 DIE6248: Clinical Nutrition 3 DIE6906: Dietetics Independent Study and Research v. 1-9 DIE6912: Projects in Nutrition and Dietetics v. 1-6 DIE6931: Special Topics in Dietetics 3 DIE6940: Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics I 3 DIE6941: Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics II 3 DIE6942: Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics III 3 DIE6943: Clinical Practice in Nutrition and Dietetics IV 3 DIE6945: Dietetics Field Experience v. 3-9 DIE6970: Thesis v. 1-6 EBD6015: Nature and Needs of Learners with Emotional Handicaps 3 EBD6221: Behavior Management of Learners with Emotional Handicaps 3 EBD6235: Curriculum for Students with Emotional Handicaps 3 EBD6242: Advanced Strategies:Emotionally Handicapped 3 ECO6009: International Economics 3 ECO6060: Economic Analysis 3 ECO6415: Making Decisions with Data 3 ECO6426: Applied Econometrics 3 ECO6705: The Global Economy 3 ECO6708: Political Economy of the Global Trading Environment 1.5 ECO6906: Directed Individual Studies v. 1-3 ECO6930: Special Topics in Economics v. 1-3 ECO6955: Study Abroad in Economics v. 1-9 ECP6705: Economics of Business Decisions 3 EDA6061: Introduction to Educational Leadership for Social Justice 3 EDA6191: Team Leadership 3 EDA6196: Leadership for Learning Organizations (Operational Leadership II) 3 EDA6215: Developing School and Community Resources (School Leadership II) 3 EDA6232: Law and Ethics in Ed Leadership (Operational Leadership III) 3 EDA6233: Early Childhood Leadership Policy and Law 3 EDA6242: School Finance (Instructional Leadership III) 3 EDA6271: Technology and Educational Leadership (Operational Leadership IV) 3 EDA6910: Individual Study and Research v. 0-3 EDA6945: Practicum in Educational Leadership v. 1-9 EDA7190: Leadership for the Evolving Leader 3 EDA7192: Collective Leadership in Organizations and Communities 3 EDA7193: Educational Leadership for Change 3 EDA7194: Seminar in Educational Policy 3 EDA7400: Research in Education: Quantitative Method 3 EDA7410: Research in Education: Qualitative Method 3 EDA7420: Foundations of Research in Education 3 EDA7421: Research Design Seminar 2: Proposal Development 3 EDA7426: Academic Writing in Education: Framing Problems of Practice 3 EDA7905: Individual Study and Research v. 1-3 EDA7979: Research Design Seminar 1: Advanced Methods v. 3-6 EDA7980: Doctoral Dissertation Research v. 1-12 EDE6205: Effective Practices for Differentiating Instruction 3 EDE6225: Elementary School Curriculum and Instruction 3 EDE6935: Special Topics 3 EDF6114: Growth and Development of the Learner 3 EDF6211: Advanced Educational Psychology 3 EDF6237: Principles of Learning and Introduction to Classroom Assessment 3 EDF6442: Assessment in the Curriculum 3 EDF6480: Foundations of Educational Research 3 EDF6495: Research and Assessment in School Counseling 3 EDF6607: Education in America 3 EDF6687: Foundations of Multicultural and Urban Education 3 EDF7215: Learning and Instruction throughout the Lifespan 3 EDF7545: Philosophy of Education 3 EDF7635: Cultural and Social Foundations of Education 3 EDG6067: Introduction to Teacher Inquiry 3 EDG6070: Teacher Thinking and Decision Making In School Settings 3 EDG6250: Instructional Strategies in the Curriculum 3 EDG6285: Fundamentals of Program Evaluation 3 EDG6287: Principles of School Accountability and Assessment (Instructional Leadership II) v. 1-3 EDG6325: General Education Competencies Models of Teaching 3 EDG6348: Coaching and Mentoring for Effective Teaching and Instruction 3 EDG6407: Managing Effective Learning Environments 3 EDG6415: Principles of Instruction and Classroom Management 3 EDG6427: Teacher Inquiry for Internship v. 1-6 EDG6625: Curriculum and Assessment Leadership 3 EDG6632: Multicultural Content in School Curriculum 3 EDG6757: Teaching Linguistically Diverse Students 3 EDG6906: Individual Study and Research v. 0-3 EDG6911: Action Research in Education v. 1-6 EDG6923: Curriculum Readings 3 EDG7224: Advanced Perspectives on Curriculum 3 EDG7282: Policy and the Role of the Educational Leader 3 EDG7359: Facilitating and Designing Professional Learning 3 EDG7932: Advanced Seminar in Instructional Assessment 3 EDH6020: Foundations of Student Affairs 3 EDH6025: Higher Education Advancement 3 EDH6031: Leadership of Student Affairs 3 EDH6041: College Student Counseling 3 EDH6045: Student Development in Higher Education 3 EDH6050: Diversity in Higher Education 3 EDH6058: Comparative Higher Education 3 EDH6069: Foundations of Higher Education 3 EDH6250: Study Abroad in Higher Education Administration 3 EDH6401: Higher Education Policy 3 EDH6405: Higher Education Law 3 EDH6415: Personnel Management in Higher Education 3 EDH6416: Career Services in Higher Education 3 EDH6505: Higher Education Finance 3 EDH6510: Grants Development and Project Design 3 EDH6635: Organization and Leadership in Higher Education 3 EDH6637: Campus Crisis Management 3 EDH6946: Practicum in Higher Education Administration 3 EDS6050: Instructional Leadership (Instructional Leadership IV) 3 EDS6130: Human Resource Development in Education (Operational Leadership I) 3 EEC6205: Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education 3 EEC6261: Program Planning for Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children 3 EEC6611: Early Childhood Education 3 EEC6756: Social-Emotional Learning and the Young Child 3 EEC6944: Practicum in Early Childhood Education 3 EEE6508: Advanced Topics in Signal Processing 3 EEL5563: Fiber Optics 3 EEL5613: State Space Control Systems 3 EEL5820: Digital Image Processing 3 EEL5934: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 3 EEL6935: Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 3 EEL6970: Master's Thesis Proposal Development 3 EEL6971: Master's Thesis Proposal Defense 3 EEL6972: Master's Thesis v. 1-6 EEX5053: Foundations of Exceptional Education and Services 3 EEX5095: Nature and Needs of Students with Autism 3 EEX5297: Development and Assessment of Students with Autism 3 EEX5308: Single Case Research Design 3 EEX5485: Math and Science for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX5612: Concepts and Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis 3 EEX5617: Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis II 3 EEX5619: ABA in Dev Disabilities and Autism 3 EEX5665: Classroom and Behavior Management 3 EEX5767: Assistive and Instructional Tech for Students with Autism 3 EEX5852: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis I 3 EEX6025: Issues and Trends in Exceptional Education and Services 3 EEX6052: Curriculum and Instruction for Learners with Exceptionalities 3 EEX6063: Preschool Programming for the Exceptional Child 3 EEX6203: Developmental Variations 3 EEX6225: Special Education Generic Competencies: Laboratory in Evaluation 3 EEX6234: Teaching Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities 3 EEX6239: Preschool Assessment of Exceptional Child 3 EEX6256: Literacy I for Students with Exceptionalities 3 EEX6259: Literacy II for Students with Exceptionalities 3 EEX6283: Social, Personal, and Career Skills for Exceptional Students 3 EEX6301: Research in Special Education v. 1-3 EEX6402: Communication, Collaboration, and Consultation Skills for Special Education 3 EEX6615: Implementation of Evidence Based Behavioral Intervention 3 EEX6617: Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Skill Acquisition 3 EEX6625: Applied Behavior Analysis in Ed. and Performance Management 3 EEX6627: Supervision and Case Management in Applied Behavior Analysis and Education 3 EEX6635: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports 3 EEX6636: Research-Based Design for Behavioral Intervention 3 EEX6664: Advanced Practices in Applied Behavior Analysis 3 EEX6668: Behaviorism 3 EEX6669: Organizational Behavior Management 3 EEX6732: Facilitation of Parent Interaction 3 EEX6747: Ethics and Professionalism in Applied Behavior Analysis and Exceptional Student Education 3 EEX6841: Practicum in Special Education v. 3-9 EEX6848: Literacy Practicum in Exceptional Student Education 3 EEX6849: Practicum in Exceptional Student Education: Professional v. 3-12 EEX6853: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis II 3 EEX6854: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis III 3 EEX6856: Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis IV 3 EEX6911: Independent Study and Research v. 1-3 EEX6936: Advanced Seminar: Current Topics in Special Education v. 3-18 EGN6333: Advanced Mechanics of Materials 3 EGN6456: Advanced Engineering Analysis 3 EGN6457: Advanced Research Methods for Engineers 3 EHD6361: Math/Science/Social Studies Instruction for the Deaf 3 EMA5104: Advanced Materials Principles I 3 EMA5114: Advanced Materials Principles II 3 EMA5504: Materials Characterization 3 EMA5814: Modeling and Simulation of Materials 3 EMA6971: Graduate Thesis Research v. 1-9 EMA6973: Graduate Thesis Defense 1 EME5403: Technology in Education 3 EME6046: Technology and Literacy 3 EME6050: Enhancing Instruction with Technology 3 EME6052C: Technology, Education, and Culture 3 EME6055: Trends and Issues in Technology, Education, and Training 3 EME6061: Educational Technology Portfolio 0 EME6344: Lifelong Learning and Professional Development 3 EME6405: Educational Web Design 3 EME6409: Interactive Distance Education 3 EME6418: Educational Multimedia 3 EME6441: Technologies for Special Populations 3 EME6442: Curriculum and Instruction for Adult Learning 3 EME6601: Instructional Design and Applications 3 EME6609: Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Diversity and Inclusion Practices for Training and Development 3 EME6678: Effective Training Design and Development 3 EME6909: Directed Independent Study - Educational Technology, Training and Development 3 EME7415: Educational Design for Digital Media 3 EML5131: Combustion Phenomena 3 EML5211: Introduction to Continuum Mechanics 3 EML5808: Robotics Engineering II 3 EML5932: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering v. 1-3 EML6311: Modern Control Engineering 3 EML6508: Finite Element Modeling and Analysis 3 EML6556: Mechanical Engineering Master's Project 3 EML6809: Intelligent Planning for Robotic Systems 3 EML6900: Supervised Graduate Research v. 1-6 EML6910: Fundamental Graduate Research in Mechanical Engineering 3 EML6912: Intermediate Graduate Research in Mechanical Engineering 3 EML6933: Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering v. 1-3 EML6972: Mechanical Engineering Master's Thesis v. 1-6 EMR6256: Advanced Functional Literacy Strategies:Mental Retardation 3 ENC5226: Technical Writing 3 ENC5235: Grant Writing 3 ENC5720: Problems in Contemporary Composition 3 ENC5935: Special Topics in Composition and Rhetoric 3 ENC6700: Studies in Composition Theory 3 ENC6721: Studies in Composition Research 3 ENC6905: Rhetoric and Composition Independent Study 3 ENC6942: Teaching Practicum in the Writing Classroom 3 ENG5945: Graduate Internship 3 ENG6019: Contemporary Literary Criticism and Theory 3 ENG6971: Thesis 3 ENL6502: Studies in Early British Literature 3 ENL6509: Studies in Later British Literature 3 ENV5640: Design of Water Quality Management Facilities 3 ENV6510: Aquatic Chemical Processes 3 ENV6511: Biological Treatment Systems in Environmental Engineering 3 ENV6519: Physical/Chemical Treatment Systems in Environmental Engineering 3 ESE6215: The Secondary School Curriculum 3 ESE6947: Professional Internship v. 1-6 EUH5125: The Crusades 3 EUH5305: Byzantine History 3 EUH5416: Ancient Rome 3 EUH5457: Seminar on the French Revolution 3 EUH5537: The British Empire 3 EUH5685: Hitler and Stalin 3 EUH5934: Selected Topics: European History 3 EUH6695: European History and Historians I 3 EUH6905: Readings in European History I 3 EUH6906: Readings in European History II 3 EUH6935: Directed Reading in European History 3 EUH6936: Seminar in European History 3 EXP6506: Learning and Cognition 3 FAS5355: Advanced Coastal Fisheries Management 3 FAS6355L: Advanced Coastal Fisheries Management Laboratory 2 FIL5305: Documentary Workshop 3 FIL5377: Advanced Documentary Production 3 FIL5934: Special Topics in Film 3 FIL6905: Film Independent Study 3 FIL6937: Advanced Topics in Film 3 FIN6314: Banking and Financial Administration 3 FIN6406: Advanced Financial Management 3 FIN6407: Fundamentals of Financial Management 3 FIN6455: Financial Modeling 3 FIN6515: Investments 3 FIN6535: Derivative Securities 3 FIN6545: Fixed Income Analysis 3 FIN6565: Student Managed Investment Fund I 3 FIN6566: Student Managed Investment Fund II 3 FIN6605: International Finance 3 FIN6906: Special Work in Finance v. 1-3 FIN6936: Special Topics in Finance v. 1-3 FIN6957: Study Abroad in Finance v. 1-9 FOL5930: Topics in Foreign Language v. 2-4 GEO6506: Economic Geography and Geographic Information Systems 3 GEO6906: Directed Individual Studies in Economic Geography v. 1-3 GEO6936: Special Topics in Economic Geography 3 GEO6956: Study Abroad in Geography v. 1-9 GEY6611: Aging and Mental Health 3 GEY6813: Aging Capstone v. 3-6 GIS6050: GIS Theory and Applications 3 HIS5067: Public History 3 HIS5268: Comparative Empires 3 HIS5302: History in Photography and Film 3 HIS5934: Special Topics in History 3 HIS6905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 HIS6935: Special Topics in History 3 HIS6946: Internship in History 3 HIS6971: Thesis Research v. 1-6 HSA5177: Health Care Finance 3 HSA6112: International Health Systems 3 HSA6114: Health Organization and Delivery 3 HSA6148: Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare 3 HSA6149: Healthcare Planning and Project Management 3 HSA6158: Health Policy and Law 3 HSA6178: Advanced Health Care Financial Management 3 HSA6179: Financial Management for Health Care Organizations 3 HSA6186: Healthcare Leadership and Organizational Theory 3 HSA6187: Managing Human Resources in Health Care Organizations 3 HSA6188: Capstone: Healthcare Strategic Management 3 HSA6196: Quantitative Analysis for Health Services 3 HSA6198: Health Information Technology 3 HSA6342: Healthcare Human Resources 3 HSA6385: Quality Management in Health Care 3 HSA6386: Population Health for Health Administrators 3 HSA6387: Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Management 3 HSA6396: Strategic Planning for Health Information Systems 3 HSA6435: Health Economics 3 HSA6436: Health Economics, Financing and Reimbursement 3 HSA6512: Leadership and Organizational Behavior in Healthcare 3 HSA6515: Practice Management 3 HSA6520: Managerial Epidemiology 3 HSA6707: Research Methods for Healthcare Management 3 HSA6813: Aging Capstone v. 3-6 HSA6815: Practicum: Executive Skill Development 3 HSA6905: Policy and Law in Healthcare 3 HSA6908: Directed Independent Study 3 HSA6940: MHA Internship 3 HSA6958: Study Abroad: Healthcare 3 HSC6138: Sexuality Education 3 HSC6165: Global Sexuality and Reproductive Health 3 HSC6215: Environmental Health 3 HSC6509: Nutritional Epidemiology 3 HSC6526: Special Topics/Infectious & Noninfectious Diseases 3 HSC6585: Health Communication 3 HSC6587: Public Health Program Planning 3 HSC6601: Animal Assisted Interventions and Therapies in Healthcare 3 HSC6603: Theoretical Foundations of Behavior Change 3 HSC6625: Global Health 3 HSC6675: Global Health: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 3 HSC6712: Evaluation of Health Programs 3 HSC6716: Health Program Evaluation 3 HSC6735: Public Health Research 3 HSC6816: Field Experiences in Health v. 3-6 HSC6906: Independent Study and Research v. 3-9 HSC6931: Special Topics 3 HUN5265: Methods of Nutritional Assessment 1 HUN6123: Sociocultural Influences on Nutrition 3 HUN6249: Nutrition and Metabolism 4 HUN6285: Nutrition and Metabolism I 3 HUN6331: Nutrition and Metabolism II 3 HUN6408: Nutrition Through Life Span 3 HUN6522: Advanced Public Health Nutrition 3 HUN6523: Community Nutrition 3 HUN6612: Nutrition Education and Counseling 3 HUN6615: Advanced Nutrition Counseling Skills 3 HUN6910: Nutrition and Dietetics Research 3 HUN6911: Nutrition and Dietetics Seminar v. 1-3 HUN6916: Advanced Concepts in Nutrition and Dietetics 3 HUN7219: Advanced Concepts in Clinical Nutrition 3 HUN7518: Advanced Concepts in Public Health Nutrition 3 HUN7525: Advanced Nutrition Leadership and Public Policy 3 HUN7548: Nutrition for Global Health 3 HUN7625: Advanced Nutrition Counseling 3 HUN7638: Teaching Nutrition in Higher Education 3 HUN7645: Current Trends in Nutrition and Dietetics 3 HUN7788: Nutritional Genomics 3 HUN7803: Advanced Topics in Nutrition Science 3 HUN7805: Advanced Concepts in Nutritional Epidemiology 3 HUN7808: Qualitative Methods in Nutrition Research 3 HUN7820: Advanced Concepts in Nutrition and Wellness 3 HUN7831: Grant Development 3 HUN7939: Doctoral Seminar in Nutrition v. 1-3 HUN7943: Advanced Practice Residency v. 1-6 HUN7981: Pre-Doctoral Dissertation v. 1-6 HUN7985: Doctoral Dissertation v. 1-9 IDC6015: Computational Thinking in Elementary STEM Plus C Environments 3 INR5352: International Environmental Policy 3 INR5449: International Law and Organization 3 INR6330: Contemporary American Foreign and Security Policy 3 INR6607: International Relations Theory 3 INR6705: International Political Economy 3 INR6908: Directed Independent Study v. 1-3 INR6938: Special Topics in International Affairs 3 INR6946: Field Experience in International Affairs v. 0-3 INR6971: Thesis v. 1-3 INT5405: Interpreting Academic Subjects 3 INT5408: Interpreting in Educational Settings 3 INT5457: Interpreting in Intercultural Contexts 3 INT5800: Legacies and Leadership in Interpreter Education 3 INT5801: Leadership in Interpreter Education 3 INT5805: Mentoring in Interpreter Education 3 INT5932: Issues and Trends in Educational Interpreting 3 INT5954: Service Learning in the Deaf Community 3 INT6207: Interpreter Training 3 INT6274: Advanced ASL Concepts for Interpreters 3 INT6276: Teaching Cognitive Processing 3 INT6415: DeafBlind Interpreting 3 INT6425: Legal Interpreting 3 INT6435: Mental Health Interpreting 3 INT6436: Healthcare Interpreting 3 INT6802: Methods for Teaching Interpreting 3 INT6806: Interpreter-Deaf Community Alliance 3 INT6807: Teaching Translation 3 INT6810: Curriculum Development and Revision 3 INT6811: Performance Assessment 3 INT6830: Adult and Transformative Learning in Interpreter Education 3 INT6840: Distance Learning in Interpreter Education 3 INT6911: Applied Research in Interpretation 3 INT6930: Special Topics in Interpreter Education 3 INT6942: Pedagogy Internship 3 INT6946: Interpreting Internship 3 ISM6021: Management of Information Technology 3 ISM6404: Applications of Business Analytics 3 ISM6419: Data Visualization 3 LAE5330: Teaching Shakespeare's Plays 3 LAE6319: Language Arts Methods for Elementary Teachers 3 LAE6338: Teaching Writing 6-12 3 LAE6339: Special Methods in Teaching English 3 LAE6415: Teaching Literacy with Children's Books 3 LAH5715: Inter-American Relations 3 LAH5934: Selected Topics: Latin American History 3 LAH6905: Readings in Latin American History I 3 LAH6906: Readings in Latin American History II 3 LAH6936: Seminar: Latin American History 3 LIT5934: Topics in Literature v. 1-3 LIT6009: Studies in Genre 3 LIT6246: Major Authors 3 LIT6855: Topics in Cultural Studies 3 LIT6905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-3 LIT6934: Special Topics in Literature 3 LIT6941: Practicum: Teaching Literature 3 MAA6417: Complex Analysis 3 MAD6405: Numerical Analysis 3 MAE6317: Teaching Elementary Mathematics Using Technology 3 MAE6318: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 3 MAE6336: Special Methods in Teaching Mathematics 3 MAE6871: Mathematical Connections 3 MAE6879: Mathematical Applications Around Us 3 MAN6002: Cornerstones of Management 3 MAN6056: Cornerstones of Managing for Value 3 MAN6204: Topics in Organizational Theory 3 MAN6296: Organizational Leadership 3 MAN6305: Human Resource Management 3 MAN6446: Advanced Topics in Negotiation 3 MAN6501: Modeling and Management of Operations 3 MAN6525: Process Management and Quality Improvements 3 MAN6536: Planning and Control of Business Processes 3 MAN6557: Cross-Functional Integration and Business Planning 3 MAN6581: Project Management 3 MAN6601: International Management 3 MAN6656: Business Environment: United States 3 MAN6666: Applied Intercultural Communication: United States 3 MAN6667: Business Environment: Asia 3 MAN6668: Applied Intercultural Communication: Asia 3 MAN6724: Strategy for Business 3 MAN6726: Advanced Strategic Management 3 MAN6785: E-Business Strategy 3 MAN6789: Social Media and Business Analytics 3 MAN6875: Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital 3 MAN6905: Directed Individual Studies in Management v. 1-3 MAN6931: Special Topics in Management v. 1-3 MAN6957: Study Abroad in Management v. 1-9 MAP6336: Ordinary Differential Equations 3 MAP6345: Partial Differential Equations 3 MAP6385: Scientific Computing 3 MAP6489: Mathematical Biology 3 MAP6605: Topics in Financial Mathematics 3 MAR6055: Fundamentals of Marketing 3 MAR6158: International Marketing 3 MAR6205: Strategic Sourcing 3 MAR6206: Marketing Channel Systems 3 MAR6336: Integrated Marketing Communications 3 MAR6409: Relationship Marketing 3 MAR6506: Consumer Behavior 3 MAR6616: Marketing Research 3 MAR6726: Digital Marketing Analytics 3 MAR6735: Consumer Analytics 3 MAR6805: Marketing Strategy 3 MAR6916: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 MAR6933: Special Topics in Marketing v. 1-3 MAS6145: Advanced Linear Algebra 3 MAS6218: Topics in Number Theory 3 MAS6311: Abstract Algebra 3 MAS6933: Topics in Algebra v. 1-3 MAS6938: Topics in Applied Algebra 3 MAT6908: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 MAT6933: Special Topics in Mathematics v. 1-3 MAT6971: Thesis v. 1-3 MCB5024C: Advanced Molecular Biology Techniques 4 MCB5205: Pathogenic Bacteriology 3 MCB5505: Advanced Virology 3 MCB6175C: Integrative Microscopy 3 MHS5005: Introduction to School Counseling 3 MHS5403: Expressive Arts and Creativity in Counseling 3 MHS6070: Psychopathology 3 MHS6120: Clinical Counseling Skills for Advanced Practice Nurses 3 MHS6205: Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis 3 MHS6305: Career Counseling 3 MHS6401: Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community Settings 3 MHS6402: Overview of Brief Counseling 3 MHS6404: Theories in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3 MHS6405: Advanced Counseling 3 MHS6407: Theories of Counseling 3 MHS6421: Counseling Children and Adolescents 3 MHS6423: Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents 3 MHS6428: Counseling Diverse Populations 3 MHS6430: Introduction to Family Counseling 3 MHS6436: Counseling Military Families 3 MHS6444: Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling: Theory and Practice 3 MHS6448: Grief and Loss in Counseling 3 MHS6450: Addictions Counseling 3 MHS6470: Sexual Issues in Counseling 3 MHS6482: Personality and Life Span Development 3 MHS6486: Human Development Across the Lifespan 3 MHS6510: Group Counseling 3 MHS6530: Group Work for School Counseling 3 MHS6539: Classroom Management Skills 1 MHS6600: Seminar: Consultation Skills 3 MHS6610: Clinical Supervision in Counseling v. 1-3 MHS6700: Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in Counseling 3 MHS6780: Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in School Counseling 3 MHS6800: Practicum in Mental Health Counseling v. 3-6 MHS6830: Internship in Mental Health Counseling 3 MHS6876: Clinical Research and Outcome Eval in Mental Health Counseling 3 MHS6905: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 MHS6916: Conceptual and Research Independent Study in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3 MHS6930: Special Topics in Counselor Education v. 1-3 MHS6931: Contemporary Problems and Issues v. 1-3 MHS6941: Clinical Counseling Skills 3 MHS6970: Thesis A v. 1-6 MHS6971: Thesis B v. 1-6 MMC5267: Current Issues in Emerging Media 3 MMC5419: Political Advertising 3 MMC5738: Strategic Social Media 3 MMC5946: Internship in Communication Management 3 MMC6006: Strategic Communication Theory 3 MMC6206: Ethics in Communication Management 3 MMC6256: Foundations of Communication Management 3 MMC6421: Quantitative Research Methods in Mass Communication 3 MMC6426: Qualitative Research Methods in Mass Communication 3 MMC6730: Social Media Management 3 MMC6971: Thesis/Applied Research Project 3 MUE5316: Teaching Elementary Music Programs 3 MUE5336: Teaching Secondary Choral Music Programs 3 MUE5338: Teaching Secondary Instrumental Music Programs 3 MUE5488: Instrumental Techniques and Pedagogy v. 1-3 MUE6080: Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Music Education 3 MUE6695: Contemporary Issues in Pedagogy and Curriculum 3 MUE6785: Research in Music Education 3 MUE6790: Graduate Capstone in Music Education 3 MUE6946: Graduate Music Education Internship 6 MUG6103: Conducting Intensive 3 MUG6205: Advanced Choral Conducting 2 MUG6206: Applied Choral Conducting 2 MUG6256: Choral Conducting and Literature Seminar 2 MUG6305: Advanced Instrumental Conducting 2 MUG6306: Applied Instrumental Conducting 2 MUG6356: Instrumental Conducting and Literature Seminar 2 MUG6402: Score Study and Preparation v. 1-3 MUG6954: Graduate Conducting Lecture Recital 2 MUG6957: Graduate Conducting Recital 2 MUH5635: Topics in American Music 3 MUH5675: Topics in 20th Century Music History 3 MUH5807: Evolution of Jazz 2 3 MUH6684: Perspectives in Music History 3 MUL5567: Instrumental Literature 3 MUL6416: Special Topics in Piano Literature 3 MUL6452: Woodwind Literature 3 MUL6453: Brass Literature 3 MUL6465: Percussion Literature 3 MUL6606: Vocal Literature 2 MUL6645: Choral Literature 3 MUL6654: Choral-Orchestral Masterworks v. 1-3 MUN5467: String-Piano Sonata Class v. 0-2 MUN6007: Graduate Chorale v. 0-1 MUN6145: Wind Symphony v. 0-1 MUN6215: Orchestra v. 0-1 MUN6315: Graduate Choral Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN6345: Graduate Chamber Singers v. 0-1 MUN6435: Brass Chamber Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN6465: Graduate Chamber Music v. 0-1 MUN6466: Instrumental Ensemble Performance v. 0-1 MUN6497: Trumpet Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN6515: Piano Accompanying v. 0-1 MUN6715: Jazz Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN6716: Jazz Combo v. 0-1 MUO6609: Opera Mainstage 0 MUO6655: Opera Ensemble 1 MUS5325: The Music Business 3 MUS5661: Philosophy of Music 3 MUS5711: Bibliography 3 MUS5808: Body Mapping 1 MUS5930: Special Topics in Music v. 1-3 MUS6205: Lyric Diction 2 MUS6616: Psychology of Music 3 MUS6901: Directed Individual Studies v. 1-3 MUS6960: Comprehensive Oral Examination 0 MUT5316: Orchestration 3 MUT5426: 18th Century Counterpoint 3 MUT5566: Nineteenth-Century Chromatic Harmony 3 MUT5575: 20th-Century Music Theory 3 MUT5613: Form and Analysis 3 MUT5666: Jazz Styles and Analysis I 3 MUT5667: Jazz Styles and Analysis II 3 MUT6355: Jazz Arranging III 3 MUT6761: Perspectives in Music Theory 3 MVB6451: Applied Trumpet 2 MVB6452: Applied French Horn 2 MVB6453: Applied Trombone 2 MVB6454: Applied Euphonium 2 MVB6455: Applied Tuba 2 MVB6650: Brass Pedagogy 3 MVJ6450: Applied Jazz Piano 2 MVJ6453: Applied Guitar 2 MVJ6454: Applied Jazz Bass 2 MVJ6455: Applied Set Drums 2 MVJ6456: Applied Jazz Saxophone 2 MVJ6457: Applied Jazz Trumpet 2 MVJ6458: Applied Jazz Trombone 2 MVK5607: Pedagogy of Group Piano 3 MVK6451: Applied Piano 2 MVK6650: Seminar in Piano Pedagogy 3 MVK6755: Piano Studio Class 0 MVO6451: Graduate Recital 2 MVO6452: Graduate Chamber Recital 2 MVP6451: Applied Percussion 2 MVP6650: Percussion Pedagogy 3 MVS6451: Applied Violin 2 MVS6452: Applied Viola 2 MVS6453: Applied Cello 2 MVS6454: Applied Bass 2 MVS6455: Applied Harp 2 MVS6551: Violin Orchestra Repertory 2 MVS6552: Viola Orchestra Repertory 2 MVS6553: Cello Orchestra Repertory 2 MVS6554: Bass Orchestra Repertory 2 MVS6555: Harp Orchestra Repertory 1 MVS6653: Advanced Violin and Viola Pedagogy 3 MVS6654: Advanced Cello and Bass Pedagogy 3 MVS6655: Advanced Harp Pedagogy 3 MVS6976: Graduate String Recital 1 MVS6977: Graduate String Chamber Recital 1 MVV6451: Applied Voice 2 MVV6651: Vocal Pedagogy 2 MVV6976: Graduate Voice Recital 1 MVW6451: Applied Flute 2 MVW6452: Applied Oboe 2 MVW6453: Applied Clarinet 2 MVW6454: Applied Bassoon 2 MVW6455: Applied Saxophone 2 MVW6650: Woodwind Pedagogy 3 NGR5003C: Health Assessment and Diagnostics v. 1-4 NGR5057: Health Assessment and Pharmacology 4 NGR5110: Theoretical Framework for Practice 3 NGR5141: Advanced Pathophysiology 3 NGR5172: Pharmacotherapeutics 3 NGR5226: Quality of Life and Chronic Medical Conditions 1 NGR5601C: Diagnosis and Management of Acute Conditions of Adults and Children 5 NGR5810: Research Methods for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 3 NGR5931: Special Topics in Nursing 3 NGR5950: Culture and Health in Ireland 3 NGR6400: Chemistry and Physics of Anesthesiology Nursing I 2 NGR6401: Chemistry and Physics for Anesthesiology Nursing II 1 NGR6404: Advanced Bioscience for Anesthesiology Nursing I 3 NGR6405: Advanced Bioscience for Anesthesiology Nursing II 3 NGR6421: Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing I 2 NGR6422: Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing II 3 NGR6423: Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing III 2 NGR6424: Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing IV 2 NGR6431L: Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum I 1 NGR6432L: Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum II 3 NGR6433L: Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum III 4 NGR6434L: Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum IV 6 NGR6435L: Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum V 6 NGR6460: Pharmacology of Anesthesiology Nursing I 1 NGR6461: Pharmacology of Anesthesiology Nursing II 2 NGR6490: Regional Anesthesia 2 NGR6491: Advanced Anesthesiology Nursing Seminar 3 NGR6492: Professional Aspects of Anesthesiology Nursing 1 NGR6493: Technology in Anesthesiology Nursing 1 NGR6494: Advanced Modalities in Pain Management 3 NGR6510C: Diagnosis and Management of Psychiatric Conditions: Acute and Chronic Management of Older Adults 5 NGR6511C: Diagnosis and Management of Psychiatric Conditions: Acute and Chronic Management of Adults 5 NGR6512C: Diagnosis and Management of Psychiatric Conditions: Acute and Chronic Management of Children and Ado 5 NGR6530: Neuropathophysiology of Mental Illness for PMHNP 3 NGR6538: Psychopharmacology 3 NGR6602C: Health Promotion of Children, Men and Women in Primary Care v. 3-6 NGR6603C: Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Conditions of Adults and Children in Primary Care 6 NGR6673: Principles of Epidemiology for Advanced Practice 3 NGR6710: Teaching Nursing: Implementing an Innovative Learning Environment 3 NGR6712: Curriculum and Instruction 3 NGR6718: Evaluation Techniques 3 NGR6726: Quality Management for Advanced Nursing Practice 3 NGR6729: Capstone in Nursing Leadership and Administration 3 NGR6740: Role Development in Advanced Practice Nursing 3 NGR6816: Applied Nursing Research 3 NGR6875: HIT Certificate Capstone 3 NGR6892: Public Policy Implications for Advanced Practice 3 NGR6894: Global Health Care and Culture 3 NGR6942: Capstone in Nursing Education 3 NGR6970: Nursing Project v. 1-3 NGR7154: Advanced Bioscience 3 NGR7179: Advanced Pharmacological Management 3 NGR7767: Practice Management in Advanced Nursing and Healthcare 3 NGR7768: Advanced Practice Nursing Role Transition v. 2-3 NGR7843: Statistical Interpretation for Advanced Practice 3 NGR7850: Evidence Based Practice I 3 NGR7851: Evidence Based Practice II 3 NGR7871: Healthcare Informatics for Advanced Practice 3 NGR7946: Residency in Advanced Nursing Practice v. 1-6 NGR7974: Doctoral Project v. 1-6 PAD5700: Public Administration Research Methods 3 PAD6060: Public Administration in Modern Society 3 PAD6066: Capstone Seminar 3 PAD6106: Administrative Behavior in Public Organizations 3 PAD6142: Management of Nonprofit Organizations 3 PAD6164: Nonprofit Stakeholder Relations 3 PAD6173: Global Civil Society 3 PAD6207: Economics and Municipal Finance 3 PAD6208: Nonprofit Financial Management 3 PAD6227: Government Budgeting and Finance 3 PAD6239: e-Governance 3 PAD6335: Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations 3 PAD6417: Human Resources for Public and Nonprofit Management 3 PAD6436: Ethics, Leadership and Accountability in Public Service 3 PAD6706: Research Design for Public Administrators 3 PAD6807: Urban Administration 3 PAD6836: Comparative Public Administration 3 PAD6900: Directed Independent Study v. 1-4 PAD6934: Special Topics in Public Administration v. 2-6 PAD6946: Internship in Public Administration 3 PCB5106: Cellular Biology 3 PCB5235: Cellular Immunology 3 PCB5525: Molecular Genetics 3 PCB5545: Advanced Genomics 3 PCB5845: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience 3 PCB6236: Advanced Cancer Biology 3 PCB6307C: Freshwater Ecology 4 PCB6314C: Marine Ecology 4 PCB6395C: Environmental Physiology 4 PCB6447: Community Ecology 3 PCB6480: Quantitative Ecology 3 PCB6675: Advanced Evolution 3 PCB6685: Population Genetics 3 PHC6000: Epidemiology I 3 PHC6002: Infectious Disease Epidemiology 3 PHC6003: Chronic Disease Epidemiology 3 PHC6011: Epidemiology II 3 PHC6020: Introduction to Clinical Trials 3 PHC6045: Emerging Issues in Epidemiology 3 PHC6050: Public Health Biostatistics I 3 PHC6051: Public Health Biostatistics II 3 PHC6102: Public Health Policy and Advocacy 3 PHC6103: Applied Social Behavioral Science 3 PHC6149: Public Health Leadership and Management 3 PHC6450: Community Organization in Public Health Practice 3 PHC6762: Global Health Epidemiology 3 PHC6940: Public Health Capstone 3 PHC6945: Public Health Internship 3 PHI5425: Philosophy of Social Sciences 3 PHI5628: Business Ethics 3 PHI5675: Moral Conflict 3 PHI5677: Ethical Issues in Public Health 3 PHI5769: Ethics, Religion, and Global Discourse 3 PHI5934: Selected Topics 3 PHI6225: Philosophy of Language 3 PHI6907: Directed Independent Study 3 PHI6942: Internship in Applied Ethics v. 1-9 PHI6951: Portfolio Preparation v. 1-3 PHI6971: Thesis v. 1-9 PHM5345: Contemporary Political Philosophy 3 PHT5005: Foundations of Professional Practice and Clinical Education 3 PHT5257C: Clinical Skills 3 PHT5806: Clinical Practicum 1 PHT6070: Imaging in Rehabilitation 2 PHT6110C: Gross Anatomy for Physical Therapists 6 PHT6126C: Kinesiology 3 PHT6153C: Human Physiology 3 PHT6161C: Clinical Neuroanatomy and Physiology 4 PHT6191C: Motor Control 3 PHT6218C: Therapeutic Modalities 3 PHT6267C: Examination and Intervention 5 PHT6306: Pathology-Pharmacology 5 PHT6314C: Neurology I: Pathology, Examination and Intervention 4 PHT6318C: Orthopedic Physical Therapy I: Extremities 4 PHT6553C: Physical Therapy Resid: Applied Principles Clini Practice I 3 PHT6554C: Physical Therapy Resid: Applied Principles Clinical Pract II 3 PHT6606C: Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice 3 PHT6910: Independent Study - Research 1 PHT6940C: Advanced Clinical Residency 3 PHT6941C: DPT 2A Clinical 5 PHT6942C: DPT 2B Clinical 5 PHT7009C: Differential Diagnosis 4 PHT7183C: Orthopedic Physical Therapy II: Spine and Occupational Health 4 PHT7315C: Neurology II: Advanced Examination and Intervention 4 PHT7328C: Lifespan: Pediatrics 3 PHT7374C: Lifespan Geriatrics 3 PHT7385C: Exercise Physiology/Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy 4 PHT7551: Leadership in Physical Therapy 3 PHT7608C: Research Application for EBP 2 PHT7741C: Spinal Cord Injuries and Prosthetics 3 PHT7773C: Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Spine 3 PHT7774C: Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Lower Extremity 3 PHT7775C: Ortho PT Residency: Advanced Management-Upper Extremity 3 PHT7777:  Constructivism in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy 1 PHT7845: Assistive Technology for Accessibility 1 PHT7880C: Advanced Clinical Integration 3 PHT7930: Special Topics in Physical Therapy v. 1-5 PHT7936: Advanced Seminar 2 PHT7943C: DPT 3A Clinical 5 PHT7944C: DPT 3B Clinical 5 POS6158: Politics and Policy in Local Government 3 PPE6466: Advanced Personality Theories 3 PSB6031: Advanced Biopsychology 3 PSB6435: Neuropharmacology 3 PSB6930: Special Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience 3 PSY6214: Research Design and Analysis I 3 PSY6217: Research Design and Analysis II 3 PSY6908: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 PSY6910: Supervised Research 3 PSY6931: Special Topics v. 1-3 PSY6932: St:Seminar in Psychological Science 3 PSY6937: Colloquium in Psychological Research 1 PSY6971: Thesis A 3 PSY6972: Thesis B 3 PSY6973: Thesis C v. 1-6 PUP6006: Program Evaluation for Public and Nonprofit Management 3 PUP6007: Policy Analysis 3 RED5846: Practicum in Reading v. 1-3 RED6096: Literacy Coaching 3 RED6303: Building Literacy through Play 3 RED6334: Content Area Reading (Graduate) 3 RED6345: Motivating Reluctant Readers 3 RED6347: Reading as Communication in Whole Language Classrooms 3 RED6349: Teaching Literacy through Storytelling 3 RED6395: Adv Reading Assessment/Implementation of Reading Programs 3 RED6546: Diagnosis of Reading Disabilities 3 RED6548: Remediation of Reading Disabilities 3 RED6656: Advanced Foundations of Reading 3 RED6657: Language and Cognitive Foundations for Reading 3 RED6698: Teaching Critical Literacy 3 RED6796: Literacy Research, Issues and Trends 3 RED6906: Directed Individual Study in Reading v. 1-3 REE6146: Real Property Analysis 3 REE6906: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 RTV5801: Media Management 3 SCE5465: Science, Technology and Society 3 SCE6117: Science for Elementary Teachers 3 SCE6337: Special Methods in Teaching Science 3 SCE6735: Trends and Issues in Elementary Science Teaching and Learning 3 SDS5429: Equity Methods and Resources 3 SDS5601: Home-School Communication 3 SDS6000: School and Family: Managing Student Behavior 3 SDS6014: Organization and Administration of School Counseling 3 SDS6310: College and Career Readiness 3 SDS6466: Crisis/Disaster Management 1 SDS6820: Supervised Field Experiences I 1 SDS6821: Supervised Field Experiences II 1 SDS6830: Internship in School Counseling: Counseling/Coordination of Guidance Services 3 SDS6831: Management of Resources and Data Analysis 3 SDS6832: Internship: College and Career Readiness 3 SDS6905: Directed Independent Study v. 1-3 SDS6940: Practicum in School Counseling 3 SMT6316: Developing Creativity and Innovation in Elementary STEM Classrooms 3 SMT6615: Engineering in the Elementary Classroom 3 SOP6069: Advanced Social Psychology 3 SOW5107: Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3 SOW5185: Community Social Work Practice: Academic Immersion 3 SOW5207: Foundations of Social Work 3 SOW5235: U.S. Social Welfare Policies and Institutions 3 SOW5307: Communication and Critical Thinking in Social Work Practice: Academic Immersion 3 SOW5337: Social Work Practice with Organizations and Communities 3 SOW5404: Methods of Social Work Research 3 SOW5470: Principles of Social Work Research and Theory: Academic Immersion 3 SOW5625: Difference, Discrimination and Oppression 3 SOW5931: Generalist Practice I 3 SOW5932: Generalist Practice II 3 SOW5940: Field Education I 3 SOW5941: Field Education II 3 SOW6125: Psychopathology 3 SOW6126: Advanced Interpersonal Practice with Children/Adolescents & Families 3 SOW6445: Practice and Program Evaluation 3 SOW6605: Social Work in Health Care Settings 3 SOW6646: Advanced Interpersonal Practice with Adults and Elders 3 SOW6655: Child Welfare and Social Work Practice 3 SOW6670: Social Work Practice with the Military, Veterans, and their Families 3 SOW6745: Hospice and Palliative Care 3 SOW6907: Directed Independent Study in Social Work 3 SOW6932: Advanced Seminar in Clinical Practice 3 SOW6934: Advanced Special Topics in Social Work v. 3-6 SOW6935: Advanced Topics in Human Behavior 3 SOW6945: Field Education III with Integrated Seminar 3 SOW6948: Field Education IV & Integrative Seminar 3 SPB6946: Practicum in Athletic Administration 3 SPC5545: Theories of Persuasion 3 SPM5158: Intercollegiate Athletic Administration 3 SPM5206: Ethics and Issues in Sport 3 SPM5308: Marketing and Promotions in Sport 3 SPM5506: Sport Finance 3 SPM5605: Sport Governance and Compliance 3 SPM6008: Foundations of Sport Management 3 SPM6106: Sport Facility and Risk Management 3 SSE6318: Social Studies Methods for Elementary Teachers 3 SSE6385: Special Methods in Teaching Social Studies 3 STA5126: Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences 3 STA5931: Special Topics in Statistical Sciences v. 1-3 STA6106: Computer-Intensive Methods in Statistics 3 STA6166: Statistical Methods I 3 STA6167: Statistical Methods II 3 STA6205: Design of Experiments 3 STA6226: Sampling 3 STA6326: Mathematical Statistics I 3 STA6327: Mathematical Statistics II 3 STA6446: Probability 3 STA6505: Categorical Data Analysis 3 STA6666: Statistical Quality Control 3 STA6707: Multivariate Methods 3 STA6908: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 STA6938: Seminar in Statistics v. 1-3 STA6940: Statistical Consulting v. 1-3 STA6971: Thesis v. 1-3 SYA5933: Special Topics in Sociology v. 3-6 SYD6706: Race Relations 3 SYP6447: Social Change and Development 3 SYP6667: Sociological Approaches to Culture 3