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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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BCH3023: Survey of Organic and Biological Chemistry 3 BCH3023L: Survey of Organic and Biological Chemistry Laboratory 1 BCH4033: Biochemistry I 3 BCH4033L: Biochemistry I Lab 1 BCH4034: Biochemistry II 3 BCH4034L: Biochemistry II Laboratory 1 CHM1020: Discovering Chemistry 3 CHM1024: Chemistry Study Skills 1 CHM1025: Introduction to Chemistry 2 CHM1025L: Introduction to Chemistry Laboratory 1 CHM2045: General Chemistry I 3 CHM2045L: General Chemistry I Laboratory 1 CHM2046: General Chemistry II 3 CHM2046L: General Chemistry II Laboratory 1 CHM2210: Organic Chemistry I 3 CHM2210L: Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 1 CHM2211: Organic Chemistry II 3 CHM2211L: Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 1 CHM3120: Quantitative Analytical Chemistry 3 CHM3120L: Quantitative Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 1 CHM3260: Advanced Organic Chemistry 3 CHM3610: Inorganic Chemistry 3 CHM3610L: Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 1 CHM4130: Modern Analytical Chemistry 3 CHM4130L: Modern Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 1 CHM4400: Survey of Physical Chemistry 3 CHM4400L: Survey of Physical Chemistry Lab 1 CHM4410: Physical Chemistry I 3 CHM4410L: Physical Chemistry I Laboratory 1 CHM4411: Physical Chemistry II 3 CHM4411L: Physical Chemistry II Laboratory 1 CHM4612: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3 CHM4627: Solid State Chemistry 3 CHM4910: Chemical Research v. 1-4 CHM4911: Chemical Research Experience 0 CHM4930: Selected Topics in Chemistry v. 1-4 CHM4931: Senior Seminar in Chemistry 1 CHS4615: Environmental Chemistry 3 CHS4615L: Environmental Chemistry Lab 1