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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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Polit Science & Public Admin

CPO2002: Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 CPO3123: (FC) Politics and Society in Britain and Ireland 3 CPO3151: (FC) Politics and Society in France 3 CPO3213: Politics and Society in Subsaharan Africa 3 CPO3402: Politics of Pakistan and Afghanistan 3 CPO3643: Politics and Society In Russia 3 CPO4014: Comparative Politics: Frameworks for Analysis 3 CPO4034: Politics of Developing Countries 3 INR2002: Introduction to International Relations 3 INR3016: Global Issues in Contemporary Politics 3 INR3084: Terrorism Today 3 INR3102: Real Policy World 3 INR3153: American Foreign Policy in the Middle East 3 INR3443: International Law and Organization 3 INR4243: International Politics of Latin America 3 INR4334: American Defense in the Age of Mass Destruction 3 INR4603: International Relations: Frameworks for Analysis 3 INR4703: International Political Economy 3 PAD4003: Public Administration 3 PAD4144: Nonprofit Management 3 POS2041: Introduction to American Government 3 POS3114: Issues in State and Local Government 3 POS3142: Politics and Policy in Urban Government 3 POS3413: The American Presidency 3 POS3424: Congress and the Legislative Process 3 POS3444: Parties, Campaigns and Elections 3 POS3606: The U.S. Supreme Court 3 POS3615: Judicial Politics 3 POS3641: Administrative Law 3 POS3642: Election Law 3 POS3653: Legal Research and Analysis 3 POS3654: Legal Ethics, Standards, and Values 3 POS3679: Mock Trial 3 POS3683: Law and Cinema 3 POS3691: The American Legal System 3 POS3733: Research Design for Political Scientists 3 POS3734: Research Analysis for Political Scientists 3 POS3931: Special Topics in Politics 3 POS4033: Controversial Political Issues 3 POS4608: Constitutional Law I: Powers and Constraints 3 POS4624: Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties 3 POS4750: Survey Research 3 POS4905: Directed Individual Study v. 1-4 POS4932: Special Topics in Political Science and Public Administration v. 2-6 POS4945: Internship/Field Experience v. 1-6 POT3003: Political Thought and Action 3 POT4314: Democratic Theory 3 PUP2312: (CD) Race/Gender/Political 3 PUP3603: Medical Politics and Policy 3 PUP4003: The Policy-Making Process 3