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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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HUM3524: (FC) Great Age of Vienna 3 MUC2211: Music Composition I 1 MUC2221: Music Composition II 1 MUC3231: Music Composition III 1 MUC3232: Music Composition IV 1 MUC3620: Jazz Composition 3 MUC4241: Music Composition V 1 MUC4242: Music Composition VI 1 MUE2040: Foundations of Music Education 3 MUE2410: Choral Techniques for Instrumentalists 1 MUE2420: World Drumming Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2440: Violin and Viola Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2442: Cello and String Bass Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2445: Guitar Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2450: Clarinet and Saxophone Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2451: Oboe and Bassoon Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2453: Flute Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2460: Trumpet and Horn Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2463: Low Brass Techniques and Pedagogy 1 MUE2470: Percussion Techniques 1 MUE2490: Conducting Lab Ensemble v. 0-1 MUE3392: Managing Music Classrooms and Program Administration 3 MUE3481: Jazz Pedagogy 1 MUE3693: Technology in Music Education 2 MUE4311: Teaching Elementary Music 3 MUE4331: Teaching Secondary Choral Music 3 MUE4332: Teaching Secondary Instrumental Music 3 MUE4434: Musical Theater Techniques 1 MUE4480: Marching Band Techniques 1 MUE4940: Internship in Music Education v. 8-15 MUG3104: Basic Conducting 2 MUG4102: Conducting Intensive 3 MUG4109: Applied Conducting 2 MUG4202: Advanced Choral Conducting 2 MUG4241: Choral Conducting and Literature Seminar 2 MUG4301: Instrumental Conducting and Literature Seminar 2 MUG4302: Advanced Instrumental Conducting v. 1-2 MUG4401: Score Study and Preparation v. 1-3 MUG4701: Choral-Orchestral Masterworks v. 1-3 MUH2012: Enjoyment of Music 3 MUH2015: American Music: Past and Present 3 MUH2017: The History and Appreciation of Rock 3 MUH2018: The Evolution of Jazz 3 MUH2501: World Music 3 MUH3024: Evolution of Jazz II 3 MUH3055: FC - African American Musical Heritage 3 MUH3211: Music History I 3 MUH3212: Music History II 3 MUH3215: Western Music History and Popular Cultures I 3 MUH3216: Western Music History and Popular Cultures II 3 MUH3373: History of the Beatles 3 MUH4371: Topics in 20th Century Music History 3 MUH4633: Topics in American Music 3 MUH4664: History of Electronic Music 3 MUL2010: Introduction to Music Literature 3 MUL4400: Piano Literature I 2 MUL4401: Piano Literature II 2 MUL4420: String Chamber Music Literature 3 MUL4434: Harp Literature 3 MUL4441: Woodwind Literature 3 MUL4442: Brass Literature 3 MUL4460: Percussion Literature 3 MUL4550: Instrumental Literature 3 MUL4602: Vocal Literature 2 MUL4643: Choral Literature 3 MUM1611: Concert Recording 1 MUM1620: Audio and Acoustics 3 MUM1622: Introduction to Sound Reinforcement 1 MUM1630: Introduction to Digital Audio 1 MUM2634: Digital Audio Production 3 MUM2677: Sound Reinforcement and Music Production 3 MUM2942: Music Technology Practicum 0 MUM3633: Max MSP 3 MUM3701: The Music Business 3 MUM4014: Seminar in Music Technology 2 MUM4613: Music Studio Recording Techniques 3 MUM4636: Audio for Media Applications 3 MUM4729: Electronic Music Production Techniques 3 MUM4943: Internship in Music Technology 6 MUN2120: Concert Band (Lower) v. 0-1 MUN2140: Wind Symphony v. 0-1 MUN2210: Orchestra v. 0-1 MUN2310: UNF Chorale (Lower) v. 0-1 MUN2510: Collaborative Piano I 1 MUN2710: Jazz Ensemble-Lower Level v. 0-1 MUN3103: Pep Band-Upper Level v. 0-1 MUN3116: UNF Drumline v. 0-1 MUN3123: Concert Band (Upper) v. 0-1 MUN3143: Wind Symphony v. 0-1 MUN3163: Brass Band v. 0-1 MUN3313: UNF Chorale (Upper) v. 0-1 MUN3323: Osprey Treble Chorus v. 0-1 MUN3333: UNF Men's Chorale v. 0-1 MUN3343: Chamber Singers v. 0-1 MUN3404: Clarinet Quartet Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3405: Clarinet Choir v. 0-1 MUN3406: Woodwind Quartet v. 0-1 MUN3411: String Chamber Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3413: Orchestra v. 0-1 MUN3414: String Choir v. 0-1 MUN3422: Clarinet Trio Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3424: Woodwind Quintet v. 0-1 MUN3426: Saxophone Quartet v. 0-1 MUN3427: Flute Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3431: Brass Chamber Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3433: Brass Choir v. 0-1 MUN3438: Trumpet Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3443: Percussion Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3453: Piano Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3463: Mixed Chamber Music Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3483: Jazz Guitar Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3498: Harp Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN3513: Collaborative Piano II 1 MUN3713: Jazz Ensemble v. 0-1 MUN4462: String-Piano Sonata Class v. 0-2 MUN4714: Jazz Combo (Small Group) v. 0-1 MUO2401: Theater Techniques for Singers 1 MUO3006: Summer Musical Theater Intensive v. 1-6 MUO3503: Opera Ensemble v. 0-1 MUO3600: Opera Mainstage 0 MUR3302: Liturgical Planning: Music and Ritual 3 MUR3721: Congregational Song 2 MUR3802: Sacred Music Leadership and Administration 3 MUS1010: Performance Laboratory 0 MUS1011: Concert Attendance 0 MUS1020: Performance, Practice, and Critique 1 MUS2221: French Diction 1 MUS2231: German Diction 1 MUS2241: Italian Diction 1 MUS3340: Computer MIDI Score 2 MUS3930: Special Topics in Music v. 1-3 MUS3931: Eminent Scholars Seminar v. 1-3 MUS4803: Body Mapping 1 MUS4905: Directed Individual Studies v. 1-3 MUS4970: Senior Recital 0 MUT1011: Fundamentals of Music 3 MUT1111: Theory I 3 MUT1112: Theory II 3 MUT1241: Theory I, Aural 1 MUT1242: Theory II, Aural 1 MUT1361: Jazz Fundamentals I 2 MUT1362: Jazz Fundamentals II 2 MUT2116: Theory III 3 MUT2117: Theory IV 3 MUT2246: Advanced Aural Theory 1 MUT2247: Advanced Aural Theory 1 MUT2641: Jazz Improvisation I 2 MUT2642: Jazz Improvisation II 2 MUT3611: Form and Analysis 3 MUT3631: Tonal Improvisation 1 MUT3643: Jazz Improvisation III 2 MUT3644: Jazz Improvisation IV 2 MUT3648: Vocal Improvisation/Piano III 3 MUT3649: Vocal Improvisation/Piano IV 3 MUT3651: Classical Harmony 3 MUT4311: Orchestration 3 MUT4365: Jazz Arranging I 3 MUT4366: Jazz Arranging II 3 MUT4369: Jazz Arranging III 3 MUT4421: 18th Century Counterpoint 3 MUT4564: Nineteenth-Century Chromatic Harmony 3 MUT4626: 20th Century Music Theory 3 MUT4650: Composition and Improvisation 2 MUT4663: Jazz Styles and Analysis I 2 MUT4664: Jazz Styles and Analysis II 2 MVB1311: Applied Trumpet 2 MVB1312: Applied French Horn I 2 MVB1313: Applied Trombone 2 MVB1314: Applied Euphonium 2 MVB1315: Applied Tuba 2 MVB2321: Applied Trumpet 2 MVB2322: Applied French Horn II 2 MVB2323: Applied Trombone 2 MVB2324: Applied Euphonium 2 MVB2325: Applied Tuba 2 MVB3331: Applied Trumpet 2 MVB3332: Applied French Horn III 2 MVB3333: Applied Trombone 2 MVB3334: Applied Euphonium 2 MVB3335: Applied Tuba 2 MVB4341: Applied Trumpet 2 MVB4342: Applied French Horn IV 2 MVB4343: Applied Trombone 2 MVB4344: Applied Euphonium 2 MVB4345: Applied Tuba 2 MVB4640: Brass Pedagogy 3 MVJ1010: Jazz Piano I 1 MVJ1016: Applied Jazz Saxophone I 2 MVJ1018: Applied Jazz Trombone I 2 MVJ1210: Jazz Piano II 1 MVJ1318: Applied Jazz Bass I 2 MVJ1319: Applied Set Drums 2 MVJ1743: Jazz Guitar Master Class I 2 MVJ2228: Applied Jazz Trombone II 2 MVJ2326: Applied Jazz Saxophone II 2 MVJ2328: Applied Jazz Bass II 2 MVJ2329: Applied Set Drums 2 MVJ3238: Applied Jazz Trombone III 2 MVJ3338: Applied Jazz Bass III 2 MVJ3339: Applied Set Drums 2 MVJ3436: Applied Jazz Saxophone III 2 MVJ3531: Applied Jazz Improvisation 2 MVJ4346: Applied Jazz Saxophone IV 2 MVJ4347: Applied Jazz Trombone IV 2 MVJ4348: Applied Jazz Bass IV 2 MVJ4349: Applied Set Drums 2 MVK1111: Class Piano I 1 MVK1112: Class Piano II 1 MVK1311: Applied Piano 2 MVK1313: Applied Organ 2 MVK2021L: Piano Elective for Non-Majors 1 MVK2121: Class Piano III 1 MVK2122: Class Piano IV 1 MVK2321: Applied Piano 2 MVK2323: Applied Organ 2 MVK2750: Piano Studio Class 0 MVK3331: Applied Piano 2 MVK3333: Applied Organ 2 MVK3631: Elementary Piano Pedagogy 3 MVK3632: Intermediate Piano Pedagogy 3 MVK3702: Choral Accompanying 1 MVK4241: Piano Elective v. 1-2 MVK4341: Applied Piano 2 MVK4343: Applied Organ 2 MVK4603: Pedagogy of Group Piano v. 1-3 MVK4641: Advanced Piano Pedagogy 3 MVK4941: Internship in Piano Pedagogy I 2 MVK4942: Internship in Piano Pedagogy II 2 MVP1311: Applied Percussion 2 MVP2321: Applied Percussion v. 1-2 MVP2323: Applied Timpani 1 MVP2324: Applied Orchestral Percussion 1 MVP3331: Applied Percussion v. 1-2 MVP3333: Applied Timpani 1 MVP3334: Applied Orchestral Percussion 1 MVP4341: Applied Percussion v. 1-2 MVP4343: Applied Timpani 1 MVP4344: Applied Orchestral Percussion 1 MVP4640: Percussion Pedagogy 3 MVS1314: Applied String Bass 2 MVS1316: Applied Guitar 2 MVS1411: Applied Violin I 2 MVS1412: Applied Viola I 2 MVS1413: Applied Violoncello I 2 MVS2324: Applied String Bass 2 MVS2326: Applied Guitar 2 MVS2421: Applied Violin II 2 MVS2422: Applied Viola II 2 MVS2423: Applied Violoncello II 2 MVS2703: Cello Class 0 MVS3334: Applied String Bass 2 MVS3336: Applied Guitar 2 MVS3431: Applied Violin III 2 MVS3432: Applied Viola III 2 MVS3433: Applied Violoncello III 2 MVS3530: Violin and Viola Repertory I 2 MVS3531: Violin and Viola Repertory II 2 MVS3532: Cello and Bass Repertory I 2 MVS3533: Cello and Bass Repertory II 2 MVS3601: Harp Pedagogy 3 MVS3630: Cello and Bass Pedagogy 3 MVS3640: Violin and Viola Pedagogy 3 MVS4344: Applied String Bass 2 MVS4346: Applied Guitar 2 MVS4441: Applied Violin IV 2 MVS4442: Applied Viola IV 2 MVS4443: Applied Violoncello IV 2 MVS4542: Violin Orchestra Repertory 2 MVS4543: Viola Orchestra Repertory 2 MVS4544: Cello Orchestra Repertory 2 MVS4547: Bass Orchestra Repertory 2 MVS4641: Advanced Violin and Viola Pedagogy 3 MVS4642: Advanced Cello and Bass Pedagogy 3 MVV1111: Class Voice 1 MVV1311: Applied Voice 2 MVV1871: Voice for Non-majors I 2 MVV2321: Applied Voice 2 MVV2872: Voice for Non-majors II 2 MVV3331: Applied Voice 2 MVV3876: Voice for Non-majors III 2 MVV3970: Junior Voice Recital 0 MVV4341: Applied Voice 2 MVV4640: Vocal Pedagogy 2 MVV4877: Voice for Non-majors IV 2 MVV4971: Senior Voice Recital 0 MVW1211: Secondary Flute I 1 MVW1213: Secondary Clarinet I 1 MVW1311: Applied Flute I 2 MVW1312: Applied Oboe I 2 MVW1313: Applied Clarinet I 2 MVW1314: Applied Bassoon I 2 MVW1315: Applied Saxophone 2 MVW2221: Secondary Flute II 1 MVW2223: Secondary Clarinet II 1 MVW2321: Applied Flute II 2 MVW2322: Applied Oboe II 2 MVW2323: Applied Clarinet II 2 MVW2324: Applied Bassoon II 2 MVW2325: Applied Saxophone 2 MVW3231: Secondary Flute III 1 MVW3233: Secondary Clarinet III 1 MVW3331: Applied Flute III 2 MVW3332: Applied Oboe III 2 MVW3333: Applied Clarinet III 2 MVW3334: Applied Bassoon 2 MVW3335: Applied Saxophone 2 MVW4241: Secondary Flute IV 1 MVW4243: Secondary Clarinet IV 1 MVW4341: Applied Flute IV 2 MVW4342: Applied Oboe IV 2 MVW4343: Applied Clarinet IV 2 MVW4344: Applied Bassoon 2 MVW4345: Applied Saxophone 2 MVW4640: Woodwind Pedagogy 3