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2021-2022 Catalog

2021-2022 Undergraduate Courses

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CBH3004: Comparative Psychology 3 CLP2180: Stress Management 3 CLP4134: Childhood Psychopathology 3 CLP4143: Psychology of Abnormal Behavior 3 CLP4313: Health Psychology 3 DEP2002: Foundations of Child and Adolescent Psychology 3 DEP3054: Lifespan Developmental Psychology 3 DEP4060: Applied Developmental Psychology 3 DEP4104: Advanced Child Psychology 3 DEP4304: Advanced Adolescent Psychology 3 DEP4464: Psychology of Aging 3 DEP4482: Death and Dying 3 EAB3013C: Foundations of Experimental Analysis of Behavior Lab 4 EAB4703: Behavior Modification 3 EXP3104: Human Sensory Perception 3 EXP3412: Learning Theory 3 EXP3461C: Human Learning and Performance 4 EXP3604: Cognitive Psychology 3 EXP3680C: Experimental Cognitive Psychology 4 EXP3703C: Computer Applications in Psychological Research 4 EXP4252C: Human Factors and Ergonomics 4 INP4004: Industrial Organizational Psychology 3 PCO4004: Introduction to Counseling 3 PPE4003: Theories of Personality 3 PSB3002: Behavioral Neuroscience 3 PSB4113: Principles of Biofeedback 3 PSB4434: Neuropharmacology 3 PSB4930: Special Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience 3 PSY2012: Introduction to Psychology 3 PSY2930: Special Topics 3 PSY3021: Professional Opportunities in Psychology Seminar 1 PSY3213: Research Methods in Psychology 3 PSY3213L: Research Methods Lab 1 PSY3810: Evolutionary Psychology 3 PSY3832: Psychology of Sport 3 PSY3911: Supervised Research v. 1-3 PSY4302C: Psychological Testing 4 PSY4604: History of Psychology 3 PSY4774: Close Relationships 3 PSY4870: Conservation Psychology 3 PSY4904: (GW) Honors Research v. 1-6 PSY4906: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 PSY4931: Seminar v. 1-3 PSY4935: Special Topics in Psychology v. 1-4 PSY4945: Practicum in Applied Psychology v. 1-3 SOP2772: Human Sexual Behavior 3 SOP3004: Social Psychology 3 SOP3214C: Experimental Social Psychology 4 SOP3515: Fundamentals of Conflict Transformation 3 SOP3723: Culture and Psychology 3 SOP3742: (CD) Psychology of Women 3 SOP3751: Psychology and the Law 3