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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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Philosophy & Religious Studies

HUM2020: Introduction to Humanities 3 IDS4890: Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone v. 0-1 PHH3100: Ancient Greek Philosophy 3 PHH3104: Socrates and the Sophists 3 PHH3120: (FC) The Greek Experience 3 PHH3201: Jewish and Islamic Philosophy in the Classical Tradition 3 PHH3230: Islamic Philosophy 3 PHH3400: Modern Philosophy 3 PHH3500: Kant to Nietzsche 3 PHH3810: Introduction to Buddhism 3 PHH3811: The Philosophy of Zen Buddhism 3 PHH3820: (FC) Chinese Philosophy 3 PHH3840: Philosophies of India 3 PHH3860: (FC) Japanese Philosophy 3 PHH4121: Ancient Greek Ethics 3 PHH4601: Contemporary European Philosophy 3 PHH4620: 20th Century Philosophy: Anglo-American Tradition 3 PHH4821: Confucianism 3 PHI2010: (GW) Introduction to Philosophy 3 PHI2100: (GW) Critical Thinking: The Art of Reasoning 3 PHI2101: Introduction to Logic 3 PHI2630: (GW) Critical Thinking: Ethical Issues 3 PHI2885: Philosophy through Fiction 3 PHI3084: Philosophical Methods 3 PHI3300: Introduction to Epistemology 3 PHI3320: Philosophy of Mind 3 PHI3400: The Philosophy of Science 3 PHI3453: Philosophy of Psychology 3 PHI3500: Introduction to Metaphysics 3 PHI3601: Ethics 3 PHI3632: Ethics of Sex and Gender 3 PHI3633: Bioethics 3 PHI3637: Ethical Issues in Public Health 3 PHI3640: Environmental Ethics 3 PHI3664: Ethics East and West 3 PHI3670: Relativism and Disagreement 3 PHI3674: Lies and Self Deception 3 PHI3700: Philosophy of Religion 3 PHI3800: Aesthetics 3 PHI3880: Philosophy of Film 3 PHI3930: Selected Topics v. 1-4 PHI3931: East and West: Selected Topics 3 PHI3932: Special Topics in Asian Thought and Practice 3 PHI3934: Selected Topics in Value Theory 3 PHI3935: Ancient Greek Philosophy: Special Topics 3 PHI3939: Selected Topics in Knowledge and Reality 3 PHI4220: Philosophy of Language 3 PHI4420: Philosophy of the Social Sciences 3 PHI4641: Business Ethics 3 PHI4881: Philosophy of Music 3 PHI4905: Directed Individual Study v. 1-3 PHI4930: Special Topics in Philosophy 3 PHI4935: Philosophy Seminar v. 3-4 PHI4970: Senior Honors Thesis v. 3-6 PHM3020: Philosophy of Love and Sex 3 PHM3050: Ethical Issues in Death and Dying 3 PHM3128: Philosophy of Race and Racism 3 PHM3304: Political Philosophy 3 PHM3361: Philosophy of Democracy 3 PHM3362: Global Justice 3 PHM3400: Philosophy of Law 3 PHM4100: Social Philosophy 3 PHM4340: Contemporary Political Philosophy 3 PHP3786: Existentialism 3 PHP3790: American Philosophy 3 REL2300: (CD) Comparative Religion 3 REL2930: Selected Topics v. 1-4 REL3040: Theories of Religious Studies 3 REL3074: (CD) Myths and Rituals 3 REL3101: Religion and Popular Culture 3 REL3102: (CD) Religion as Culture 3 REL3110: Religion and the Arts in the US 3 REL3111: Religion and Film 3 REL3120: Religion in America 3 REL3127: Religion and the Courts 3 REL3146: Women and Religion: The Western Experience 3 REL3148: Religion and Violence 3 REL3152: Race and Religion in the United States 3 REL3168: Religion and Nature 3 REL3175: Ethics East and West 3 REL3213: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament 3 REL3241: New Testament 3 REL3293: Selected Topics: Biblical/Scriptural Studies 3 REL3330: Religions of India 3 REL3340: Introduction to Buddhism 3 REL3345: Zen Buddhism 3 REL3380: American Indian Religions 3 REL3405: Jewish and Islamic Thought 3 REL3420: Twentieth Century Religious Thought 3 REL3456: Japanese Philosophy and Religion 3 REL3457: Chinese Philosophy & Religion 3 REL3460: Philosophy of Religion 3 REL3630: American Judaism 3 REL3930: Selected Topics: History of Religion 3 REL3931: Special Topics: Christianity 3 REL3932: Special Topics:Judaism 3 REL3933: Special Topics: Islam 3 REL3934: Special Topics: Hinduism 3 REL3935: Special Topics: Buddhism 3 REL3936: Selected Topics: Religious Thought 3 REL4151: Anthropology of Religion 3 REL4159: Sociology of Religion 3 REL4296: Sociology of the Bible 3 REL4353: Confucianism 3 REL4404: Comparative Muslim Cultures 3 REL4900: Directed Independent Study Religious Studies v. 1-3 REL4910: Senior Seminar Capstone 3 REL4930: Advanced Special Topics: Buddhism 3 REL4936: Advanced Special Topics: Hinduism 3 REL4937: Advanced Special Topics: Judaism 3 REL4938: Advanced Special Topics: Christianity 3 REL4939: Advanced Special Topics: Islam 3