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2022-2023 Catalog

2022-2023 Undergraduate Courses

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Mathematics & Statistics

MAA4211: (GM) Advanced Calculus I 4 MAA4212: (GM) Advanced Calculus II 3 MAA4402: (GM) Complex Analysis 3 MAC1101: (GM) Intensive College Algebra 4 MAC1101C: (GM) Intensive College Algebra with Recitation 4 MAC1105: (GM) College Algebra 3 MAC1105C: (GM) College Algebra with Recitation 3 MAC1114: (GM) Trigonometry 2 MAC1147: (GM) Precalculus 4 MAC1991C: Exp: Intensive College Algebra 4 MAC1995C: Exp: College Algebra 3 MAC2233: (GM) Calculus for Business 3 MAC2241: (GM)Calculus for Biology 4 MAC2311: (GM) Calculus I 4 MAC2312: (GM) Calculus II 4 MAC2313: (GM) Calculus III 4 MAD3107: (GM) Discrete Mathematics 3 MAD4203: Combinatorics 3 MAD4301: Graph Theory 3 MAD4401: (GM) Numerical Analysis 3 MAD4505: Discrete Biomathematics 3 MAP2302: (GM) Ordinary Differential Equations 3 MAP3170: Financial Mathematics for Actuarial Science 3 MAP4103: Mathematical Modeling 3 MAP4231: (GM) Operations Research 3 MAP4314: Dynamical Systems 3 MAP4341: (GM) Elementary Partial Differential Equations 3 MAS3105: (GM) Linear Algebra 4 MAS3203: (GM) Number Theory 3 MAS4156: (GM) Vector Analysis 3 MAS4301: (GM) Abstract Algebra I 4 MAS4302: Abstract Algebra II 3 MAS4900: Research Experience in Mathematics – Independent Study 2 MAS4932: Capstone Experience in Mathematics 1 MAT3930: Selected Topics in Mathematical Science v. 1-3 MAT4906: Directed Individual Studies v. 1-3 MAT4931: Special Topics in Mathematical Science 3 MGF1106: (GM) Finite Mathematics 3 MGF1107: (GM) Explorations in Mathematics 3 MGF1113: (GM) Mathematics for Teachers I 3 MHF3202: (GM) Foundation of Mathematics 4 MHF3404: (GM) History of Mathematics 3 MTG3203: (GM) Geometry for Middle School Teachers 3 MTG3212: (GM) Modern Geometry 3 MTG4302: (GM) Elementary Topology 3 STA2014: (GM) Elementary Statistics for Health and Social Sciences 3 STA2023: (GM) Elementary Statistics for Business 3 STA3032: (GM) Probability and Statistics for Engineers 3 STA3163: (GM) Statistical Methods I 4 STA3164: (GM) Statistical Methods II 3 STA4202: (GM) Design of Experiments 3 STA4222: Design of Sample Surveys 3 STA4321: (GM) Probability and Statistics 4 STA4322: (GM) Statistical Theory 4 STA4502: (GM) Nonparametric Methods in Statistics 3 STA4504: (GM) Categorical Data Analysis 3 STA4664: Statistical Quality Control 3 STA4672: Probability Models with Applications to Actuarial Science 3 STA4853: Statistical Techniques for Time Series and Forecasts 3 STA4906: Directed Individual Studies v. 1-3 STA4930: Special Topics in Statistics v. 1-3 STA4935: Seminar in Statistics v. 1-3 STA4945: Capstone Experience in Statistics 3