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Transportation & Logistics Major (Flagship Program)

The University of North Florida’s Transportation and Logistics Program offers a unique and rewarding program for students electing to major in transportation and logistics. The program prepares students for challenging careers in supply chain management, international logistics, transportation, and physical distribution. Many graduates of the Program have accepted positions with local logistics firms as well as with major corporations located across the country. The Program has received considerable state, national, and international recognition. The University of North Florida has designated the program as one of only six Flagship programs so identified on campus. The program is nationally ranked in its field in the USA, placing it among top-tier research universities nationally, and is one of the few non-doctoral-granting institutions in the field. Recent research placed the program in the top 25 in terms of thought leadership in the discipline, as measured by the last 40 years of publications in that journal. Program graduates are automatically certified (upon application, by blanket waiver) by the American Society of Transportation & Logistics – a recognition of curriculum quality granted to only 25 programs nationwide. The Florida Board of Regents selected the UNF Transportation and Logistics Program as one of the initial five programs to receive the Florida Legislature’s “Programs of Distinction” emphasis within the State University System. The Board of Regents further recognized the Program by designating it as one of the university system’s “Centers for Excellence.” These distinctions provide many opportunities for the Transportation and Logistics Program to develop innovative approaches for transportation and logistics education and community service.

The program has outstanding fit to the regional economy. As a growing leader in logistics and international commerce, the Jacksonville area represents a tremendous opportunity for gaining logistics experience. Jacksonville has become a major distribution hub with extensive access to rail, air, maritime and highway transportation as well as to warehousing and international logistics. The city has been recognized as one of the top 10 logistics-friendly U.S. cities, and transportation and logistics has been identified as one of city’s four economic “super sectors.” More than 650 firms in the region have some significant involvement in freight movement. Program faculty have built outstanding connections to regional T&L leaders CSX, CEVA (formerly TNT) Logistics, Landstar, Crowley, Sea Star Line, and Southeast Toyota Distributors (all of whom are headquartered here), as well as leading firms who require Transportation & Logistics expertise, including GE, Target, Walgreens, Sears, and PSS World Medical. Internships with local companies provide opportunities for students to gain hands-on management experience while also applying their education in a real-world setting.

All students seeking a BBA degree with a major in Transportation and Logistics must meet all of the requirements for that degree, including the prerequisites and the 21 credit hours common to all majors. The Transportation and Logistics major also offers significant flexibility for students to double major in other business programsin order to obtain a competitive advantage in the job market due to the high demand for logistics graduates. 

Transportation and Logistics Curriculum

Marketing Major 

The marketing major is intended for students who seek learning opportunities about marketing functions, institutions, and marketing management practices in consumer and organizational business, industrial and governmental foundations and functioning of marketing and marketing management and to develop their understanding, appreciation and proficiency in marketing decision making within firms and across society. The curriculum furnishes students with content knowledge and its applications in the principles of marketing, consumer behavior, marketing research and information systems, strategic marketing management, international marketing and additional elective areas of marketing as well as more general knowledge and skills relevant to business and a business career. The major also includes behavioral, technical, and elective courses in order to prepare the student for a marketing management career. Flexibility is allowed so that students have some discretion in orienting their program toward career and degree objectives. Students are encouraged to work closely with their advisors in selecting major and contextual courses, which are appropriate to their objectives.

Students who choose marketing as their area of concentration must satisfy all requirements for the BBA degree. As a part of these requirements, marketing students must satisfy the marketing concentration requirement and a contextual studies requirement.  A maximum of 18 credit hours of marketing, excluding marketing courses required of all BBA candidates, will be counted toward satisfying degree requirements.

Students with an interest in a sales career should select MAR 4403 Sales Management, MAR 4400 Professional Selling and MAR 4946 Professional Sales Internship as marketing major electives.

Marketing Curriculum