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International Business Flagship Program

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Jeffrey Michelman, Professor, Director of IB Flagship Program
Kate Mattingly Learch, Associate Director of IB Flagship Program
Caitlin Jaeger, Study Abroad Advisor

Katrina Mochorro, Study Abroad Advisor

International Business Major 

The international business major has been designated part of the International Business Flagship program by UNF’s president. The international business major is designed for students who are excited about the increasing globalization of the business world. Students who major in international business will be prepared not only for doing business domestically, but also for engaging in the dynamic world of global business which includes marketing, logistics, import/export and international finance.  A selected group of students will be able to participate in the double degree program wtih Euromed Management in Marseilles, France.  This unique opportunity will allow students the chance to spend two years in the south of France including a six month internship.  Students selected for this program must have a demonstrated interest in French language, history and culture.

All Coggin College of Business students receive a solid foundation in all functional areas in business, including economics, finance, law, management, and marketing. In addition, all students develop both quantitative skills and communications skills. However, UNF international business majors distinguish themselves from other business majors in five ways.
  • First, they learn about international aspects of functional business areas, including economics, finance, management and marketing.
  • Second, they become proficient in a foreign language at the intermediate level or above.
  • Third, they learn about a particular area of the world.
  • Fourth, all international business students complete a one-semester internship with an organization actively involved in international business. This training provides international business majors with practical experience that will make them more marketable upon graduation.
  • Fifth, all international business majors are required to complete an experience abroad which may include a ten day trip with a faculty member in a course, a semester abroad or an internship abroad.

International business majors must satisfy all requirements for the BBA degree.

International Business Curriculum