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2019-2020 Catalog

Coggin College of Business Undergraduate  Certificate Program

Financial Analytics 

The Financial Analytics Certificate is a unique certificate program that selects students based on an interview process. The goal of the Financial Analytics Certificate is to provide students with specialized academic experience that integrate corporate engagement with real world financial problem solving. Students will rely on data and information technology to manage a real portfolio of securities. Students selected for this highly rigorous certificate will establish the security selection criteria, research the perspective investments, generate reports, make decision to buy or sell, and execute trades. Because analytics is both the art and science of discovering and communicating useful insights from data, students will learn how to evaluate securities and gain a strong foundation in fixed income theories and strategies. Given the rigor the certificate, the standard of excellence required in all courses, students will graduate with strong financial analytics competencies needed to be successful in a variety of industries in a global economy. This certificate program is appropriate for those students seeking analytics related roles in financial business organizations.