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2021-2022 Catalog
Coggin College of Business building

Coggin College of Business Graduate Degrees  

Master of Accountancy Degree

Global MBA Degree

Master of Business Administration Degree


(Note: All concentration courses must be completed with a grade of "B" or better.)

Master of Science in Business Intelligence Degree

Master of Science in Management Degree

Master of Science in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Degree

Study Abroad Opportunities

The Coggin College of Business provides graduate students with opportunities to experience first-hand the international aspects of business. Therefore, the College has established student and faculty exchange agreements with institutions of higher learning throughout the world.  

MBA students are permitted to spend one semester abroad at a Coggin College of Business (CCOB) exchange partner. Students interested in spending more time abroad should consider the GlobalMBA or Global EntreprenuershipMBA programs. Students participating in these exchanges register for UNF courses and pay their usual tuition to UNF. Credits earned count in the student’s degree program at UNF. Graduate students are reminded, however, that they must complete 24 hours of graduate-level classes on the UNF campus to receive a UNF graduate degree, with the exception of the GlobalMBA.

The Coggin College of Business also offers short-term, faculty-led study abroad courses for graduate credit. Typically, the College offers at least one such course during spring break or May break. These courses allow students to experience the culture and business practices of another nation directly, through lectures from university faculty, business visits, and discussions with social and political leaders.  Finally, there are additional opportunities to spend 2-6 weeks at a Coggin exchange partner during the summer term.

An MBA or MsM student may use a maximum of ONE short-term study abroad course in his/her program where permitted.

See Coggin Study Abroad for detailed information about exchange and study abroad opportunities.

Coggin College Policy on Use of International Academic Experiences in Graduate Programs of Study

The Coggin College of Business allows its students to use in their programs of study the following three types of international academic experiences:

  1. Coggin-sponsored Faculty-led Study Abroad Courses, which include international travel and business visits as an integral part of a larger course that focuses on business issues.
  2. Non-Coggin Faculty-led Study Abroad Courses (i.e., those sponsored by other UNF colleges) which include international travel as an integral part of a larger course that focuses on non-business issues.
  3. Student Exchange Programs, which provide students with the opportunity to take courses at foreign institutions. MBA student exchanges are limited to one semester, unless participating in the GlobalMBA or the Global EntrepreneurshipMBA.

Use of International Experience Credits in Program of Study by Graduate Students: In all cases, the student and his/her advisor must agree in writing regarding how study abroad credits will be used before the student goes abroad.