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2021-2022 Catalog
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Department of Management 

Phone: (904) 620-2780
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Management Major

The management major is designed for students who envision embarking on a career that will lead them into organizational management. The theme of the Department of Management is value creation. As both a discipline and a process, the theoretical paradigms and frameworks upon which managers create value provide a strong foundation for our scholarly research and innovative instruction. The development of an organization’s people, technology, and cross-functional processes, as well as their subsequent interaction, facilitate the internal environment necessary to create value. For effective value creation, these activities must be consistent with each other and with the organization’s strategy. In addition, value-creating activities must transform over time to meet the changing demands of the external environment. Therefore, effective management requires an understanding of the dynamics of the internal environment, monitoring of the external environment, and the evolving process of strategic implementation. Thus, the management curriculum is to develop the student’s proficiency in resource evaluation, resource allocation, and resource management. This mission theme recognizes all organizational inputs (i.e., human resources, financial resources, physical resources, and knowledge, informational and systems resources) as resources that must be managed for an organization to function effectively.


 Management Value Diagram


The curriculum is under constant review by the faculty to insure that its combination of business, technical, and behavioral courses remain relevant to the ever-changing business environment and global economy, and prepares the management major to meet the challenges they would likely face in either the private, public, or non-profit sectors. The student majoring in management is provided with program flexibility in tailoring their individual programs toward degree and career objectives. Each course within the management major has been designed to provide the student with specific and discrete content while also demonstrating the course’s applicability to the overall mission theme.

Students who choose management as their area of concentration must satisfy all requirements for the BBA degree. As a part of the BBA degree program, these students must satisfy the management major requirement and a contextual studies requirement. The individual seeking to major in the Management discipline is required to take all courses required for the Management major, including the BBA core, in residence at the University of North Florida. Transfer credit may be accepted only on an exception basis through the petition process. 

 Management Curriculum

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Department of Management Faculty

Phone: (904) 620-2780
Web Address:

Lakshmi Goel, Ph.D., Coggin Endowed Strategic Professor, Professor of Information Systems Management

Paul A. Fadil, Ph.D., Professor of Management
Bruce Fortado, Ph.D., Professor of Human Resource Management
Bruce Kavan, Ph.D., Professor Emeriti of Information Systems Management

Dag Näslund, Ph.D., Professor of Operations Management & Quantitative Methods
Cheryl A. Van Deusen, Ph.D., Professor of Management
Steven A. Williamson, DBA., Professor & Director, The Paper and Plastics Education and Research (PAPER) Institute

Rahul W. Kale, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Operations Management & Quantitative Methods 
Dong-Young Kim, Ph.D., Professor of Operations Management & Quantitative Methods
Robert W. Schupp, JD., Associate Professor of Business Law
Ping Ying Zhang, Ph.D., Management Department Chair

C. Brian Flynn, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management
Rachel Frieder, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management
Nathan Kunz, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Operations Management 
Matt Leon, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Management 

Koren Borges, M.B.A., Associate Professor of Management
Diane Denslow, M.B.A., Associate Professor of Management

Robert Renn, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management 

Douglas Titus, M.B.A., Instructor of Information Systems Management

Zuopeng (Justin) Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management

Di (Richard) Shang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Information Systems Management 

Amrita, Ph.D., Instructor of Information Systems Management 



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Department of Management Policies


  • All students must meet with a Coggin advisor to receive their official Degree Evaluation and Osprey Map to stay on track for graduation. 
  • Management majors are encouraged to take advantage of internship and study abroad opportunities for academic credit. See a Coggin advisor for more information. 
  • Strategic Management and Business Policy - MAN4720 is taken in a student's last semester. An institutional and a program upper-level GPA of 2.0 or better is required before permission is granted to register for MAN4720.  Prerequisite courses FIN3403, MAN3025, and MAR3023 must be completed prior to taking MAN4720.
  • Review Coggin's undergraduate academic policies page for additional information. 


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