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2019-2020 Catalog
International Business Faculty

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International Business Flagship Program Faculty and Staff

International Business Program Policies

International Business Flagship Program

Phone: (904) 620-2916
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Andrés Gallo, Professor, Director of IB Flagship Program

Kate Mattingly Learch, Director of Study Abroad 

Alyssa Kyff, Study Abroad Advisor 

Stephanie Worley, Study Abroad and Exchange Student Advisor 


International Business Major 

The international business major was designated part of the International Business Flagship program by former UNF President John Delaney. The international business major is designed for students who are excited about the increasing globalization of the business world. Students who major in international business will be prepared not only for doing business domestically, but also for engaging in the dynamic world of global business which includes marketing, logistics, import/export and international finance.  A select group of students are able to participate in one of our double degree programs with KEDGE Business School in Marseilles, France or the University of Valencia in Spain.  These unique opportunities allow students the chance to spend two years abroad, which includes a six month internship.  Students selected for this program must have a demonstrated interest in French or Spanish language, history and culture.

All Coggin College of Business students receive a solid foundation in all functional areas in business, including economics, finance, law, management, and marketing. In addition, all students develop both quantitative skills and communications skills. However, UNF international business majors distinguish themselves from other business majors in five ways.

  • They learn about international aspects of functional business areas, including economics, finance, management and marketing.
  • They become proficient in a foreign language at the intermediate level or above.
  • They learn about a particular area of the world.
  • They complete an internship with an organization actively involved in international business. This training provides international business majors with practical experience that will make them more marketable upon graduation.
  • They are required to complete an international experience, which may include a four week "Coggin in" summer program abroad, a semester abroad or an internship abroad.

Students should consider joining Coggin organizations, such as the Coggin Delegation or Rotaract, in order to hone their intercultural communication and foreign language skills. 

International business majors must satisfy all requirements for the BBA degree.

International Business Curriculum

 International Business Program Policies

  • Grade of "C" or better is required in all classes.
  • Please see an advisor for an OFFICIAL program of study and your personalized My Osprey Map to stay on track for graduation.
  • You must complete prerequisites before registering for any course. Refer to the Course Catalog for details.
  • International Business Majors are required to complete an approved internship, foreign language proficiency, and an approved international experience.
  • Examples of approved international experiences include the following:
    • Successful completion of an internship abroad.
    • Successful participation in an approved study abroad program of at least 4 weeks in duration.


                           Note: IB majors must apply for a passport in 1st semester.

  • There are opportunities for select students to conduct research with a professor for credit.  A student's GPA must be 2.5 or better to take advantage of this opportunity. 
  • A student must have a UNF & program GPA of 2.0 or better in order to graduate.

Policy on Use of International Academic Experiences in Undergraduate Degree Evaluations


The Coggin College of Business supports and encourages undergraduate students to study abroad. In all cases, students must obtain approval regarding anticipated academic credit earned prior to departure.  International Business majors planning to fulfill the international experience requirement by studying abroad must participate in a program whose overseas component is a minimum of 4 weeks.

The Coggin College of Business International Flagship Program offers five types of study abroad programs:  

  1. Faculty-led study abroad courses*  
  2. 4 week summer programs (via exchange partners)
  3. Semester and academic year abroad (via exchange partners)
  4. Semester internship abroad
  5. Double degree programs (via exchange partners)

*Faculty-led study abroad courses cannot fulfill the international experience requirement for International Business majors. Coggin undergraduate students can only apply TWO upper-level, faculty-led study abroad courses towards their program of study. This excludes the 4-week summer and semester programs. Also, Coggin undergraduate students can only use ONE faculty-led study abroad towards their “major” requirements.  

On a limited case by case basis, students may be approved (through the formal College petition process) to participate in non-Coggin College of Business study abroad programs, when demonstrating a unique need unable to be met through a Coggin College of Business study abroad program.

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