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2018-2019 Catalog
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All undergraduate and graduate teacher programs in the College of Education and Human Services involve a variety of clinical learning experiences. The Office of Academic Support and Information Services  is housed in  Building. 57 Suite 1300, (904) 620-3934.

All students enrolled in College of Education and Human Services courses requiring clinical experiences in schools or require the student to work at a school are mandated by state law to be fingerprinted and cleared prior to being permitted on elementary and secondary school campuses. Students should be aware that noncompliance with fingerprinting requirements will result in the inability to complete course requirements. Contact the Office Academic Support and Information Services for information regarding fingerprinting procedures.

Students participating in teacher education internships must submit an application for internship no later than the fourth Friday of the semester preceding the semester of internship (excluding summer terms).
Each semester the College reviews all internship applications to assure the student has met all requirements for internship, including:

  1. Current status as a student in good academic standing (2.5 Cumulative GPA);
  2. Completion of all lower division general education and prerequisite courses with grades of “C” or higher;
  3. Completion of all college and program required courses with grades of “C” or higher;
  4. Successful completion of all specified critical tasks for the given major.
  5. Completion of mandatory criminal background checks and official fingerprinting in consonance with the policies of local school districts and state mandates.
  6. Documentation of completion of Professional Education Exam (PED) and respective Subject-Area Exam (SAE)

All student-teaching internships are considered full-time experiences. Students must adhere to the professional work responsibilities expected of all teachers in the schools in which internship experiences are held.

Please contact the Office of Academic Support and Information Services (located in Building 57, Suite 1300, 904-620-3934) for more information on fingerprinting, internship, and other clinical experiences.