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2022-2023 University Catalog
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Department of Chemistry

About Chemistry programs

Chemistry Faculty

Location: Building 50, Room 3400

Email: chemistry@unf.eduPhone: (904) 620-3503
Facsimile: (904) 620-3535Web Address:

Dr. Bryan Knuckley, Chair


The mission of the Chemistry Department is to provide excellent educational experiences in the classroom and in the laboratory at all levels and in all sub-disciplines of chemistry, with the goal to foster in our students a solid background in the foundational aspects, an understanding of the scientific methods of inquiry, and an appreciation of the significance and relevance of chemistry in daily life. We strive to offer programs of relevance that instill in our students the principles, motivation, comprehension, and the vision to prepare them for graduate school, medical school, or for careers in the chemical industry or in teaching. Toward these ends, the department has focused its resources to develop undergraduate curricula that inspire our students to gain a firm and operative understanding of the fundamental theories and principles in chemistry and biochemistry and to provide opportunities for faculty to mentor undergraduates in original research in order to enhance their theoretical, experimental, and creative abilities through hands-on laboratory experience, as well as other transformational learning experiences such as internships, attending and presenting at regional and national meetings and workshops. In designing our lecture and laboratory courses we strive to engage our students and to help them develop critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Our faculty engage in self-reflection to ensure that the department achieves its goals effectively.

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate degrees:

The Department of Chemistry offers four Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemistry with four tracks: traditional Chemistry, Pre-Medical Professions, Materials Chemistry, and Biochemistry. Additionally, the Department of Chemistry also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry.

In conjunction with the College of Education and Human Services, B.A.E. and M.A.E. degrees with majors in chemistry, general sciences are also available.

Graduate degrees:

In conjunction with Physics and Engineering, Chemistry offers a Master's program in Materials Science and Engineering. A Doctor of Philosophy is not offered currently.


All of the tracks for the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry are certified by the American Chemical Society.

The Program

Chemistry is a central science that deals with the study of the properties and behavior of matter. Knowledge of chemistry has always been fundamental to the investigation of the physical world. It serves as a bridge between biological sciences, physics and mathematics.

In recent years, the traditional specialties of Analytical, Organic, Inorganic, Physical, and Biochemistry have become increasingly interconnected, creating new and exciting interdisciplinary concentrations in areas like bio-organic, bio-inorganic, bio-analytical, bio-physical, and materials chemistry. The ever-increasing use of complex technologies and processes employed in modern medicine, agriculture, defense, manufacturing, and other industries is a clear indication that the demand for individuals with a chemistry background will continue to increase in the future. An array of analytical and spectroscopic instrumentation is available for laboratory instruction and research. Students in the chemistry program are encouraged to gain research experience by working in the laboratory of a faculty member of their choice. Diverse projects in synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry, biochemistry, drug design, natural products, bioorganic chemistry, materials and solid state inorganic chemistry, environmental and analytical chemistry, and computational physical chemistry are currently available for undergraduate research. By a judicious choice of courses, students in research programs can obtain credit toward graduation. Qualified students engaging in undergraduate research during the summer and/or academic year could receive financial support from their faculty research advisor or via competitive university fellowship awards or other scholarships. Several tuition scholarships are also available on a competitive basis.

Department of Chemistry Faculty

Bryan Knuckley, Associate Professor and Chair

Melissa P. Bush, Associate Laboratory Lecturer
Corey P. Causey, Associate Professor
Stuart J. Chalk, Professor
Szymon Ciesielski, Assistant Professor
Matthew Dickman, Laboratory Lecturer
Hank Eng, Laboratory Lecturer
Brynna Jones, Assistant Professor
Amy L. Lane, Professor
Joseph Langat, Laboratory Lecturer
Michael W. Lufaso, Associate Professor
Hannah R. Malcolm, Associate Professor
Joshua J. Melko, Associate Professor
Barnali Mondal, Laboratory Lecturer
Naveen Mukhtar, Laboratory Lecturer
Thomas J. Mullen, Associate Professor
Eirin McBride Sullivan, Assistant Professor
Frederick J. Troendle, Associate Laboratory Lecturer