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2020-2021 Catalog

College of Computing, Engineering and Construction Other Educational Opportunities

Transformational Learning Experiences

Opportunities are available for a variety of enriching experiences while pursuing a computing degree at UNF, including but not limited to, study abroad courses and terms, directed independent research, cooperative experiences, and internships. Directed independent studies and cooperative experiences may also be used for academic credit with prior approval of the School.

Short-Term International Experiences

We understand that many students taking the rigorous course of studies required to earn of the degrees in CCEC often do not have the time necessary to take advantage of the University's Study Abroad Programs. In response, we have created short-term international experienceopportunities to expand your experience and opportunities in the global economy that range from 10 days to three weeks, including sites in Spain, France, Italy and China.

Honors in the Major Program

The Honors Program at UNF is designed for the student who is intellectually mature and seeks the challenge of academic work different from the traditional course of study. It offers students a close collegial relationship with the University’s top professors and with each other. There are two types of honors programs at the University of North Florida. The first is a lower-level program open to freshmen and sophomores offered by the Hicks Honors College.

The second is the “Honors in the Major” program open to juniors and seniors in the School of Computing. A student does not have to be in the lower level Hicks Honors College to enroll in the upper level “Honors in the Major” program.

The “Honors in the Major” program in the School of Computing includes experience with a faculty mentor, research experience, honors colloquium, and special recognition on the student’s transcript and diploma.

Admission is competitive and limited to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better. More information on additional admission requirements and procedures for applying to the program can be obtained from a School of Computing Academic Advisor.

Accelerated Engineering BS / MS Program

The School of Engineering offers a unique opportunity for students who are intellectually mature to seek both the bachelor and master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering (ME) in an accelerated program of study.Admission to the accelerated program allows student to register for graduate level courses while an undergraduate student, but does not grant automatic admission into the graduate program. The graduate courses taken as part of the program can count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degrees according to the below rules.

A student interested in the accelerated program shall submit an application for the accelerated program to the School of Engineering prior to the registration period of the term in which the student wishes to register for a graduate level course.

It is highly recommended that students interested in the accelerated program meet with an advisor to learn how the program may affect financial aid and tuition rates.