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Welcome to Brooks College of Health

Could you picture yourself in a remote village in Ghana, immersed in a culture foreign to you and helping a mother deliver her child? Now imagine a famous professional athlete as he sprints on a treadmill, with you standing beside him to measure his lung capacity. Envision a room full of children in the heart of Jacksonville’s impoverished urban core, listening intently as you teach them about the importance of hand washing – lessons they desperately need to hear.

These experiences are not fiction. Students in the Brooks College of Health have had these opportunities – and more – as a result of our understanding that students’ education has more impact through transformational learning opportunities.

Our Programs 

In the University of North Florida Brooks College of Health, we pride ourselves as being a leader in the preparation of the highest quality health care professionals dedicated to serving the community. For this reason, the College is continually working to provide specialized programming in a wide range of health care fields. Currently, the Brooks College of Health offers Bachelor’s degrees with specializations in Public Health, Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Health Administration. We also offer a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and in Nursing as well as an RN-BSN program for registered nurses desiring to further their education.

Our graduate programs include a Master’s degree in Nursing, Public Health, Health Administration, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Exercise Science and Chronic Disease, and Nutrition. We also offer three doctoral degrees: a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and a Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition.

An integral part of each of these outstanding programs is the emphasis on quality time in clinical settings and laboratories, the use of the most up-to-date technologies, innovative faculty and student research, and the opportunity for hands-on learning experiences. Of course, all of these diverse programs and learning opportunities are directed and enhanced by our outstanding faculty.

We know there is no one like you. We believe there is no place quite like this. While academic rigor and meticulous professional experiences are the hallmarks of an education at the Brook College of Health, there is very much a culture of caring. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality health care.
I hope you will take some time to learn more about the Brooks College of Health and all that we have to offer. While exploring our program offerings, college news, alumni activities and faculty home pages, you will find that we are dedicated to providing the utmost in quality health care education.

Dr. Christie Signature Image
Catherine Christie, PhD, RDN, LDN, FAND
Associate Dean, Brooks College of Health
University of North Florida

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Vision, Mission and Values of the College


To gain national recognition as a leader in the study of health and the preparation of health professionals through outstanding teaching, scholarship, and service.


To develop competent and caring health professionals for the 21st century who are diligent in the pursuit of knowledge, make significant contributions to the communities and individuals that they serve, and become leaders of their chosen professions.


In the fulfillment of our mission, the Brooks College of Health upholds the following values:

Collegiality: We support a culture characterized by open communications, collaboration, and cooperation.
Diversity: We treat everyone in our diverse community with consideration, dignity and mutual respect.
Excellence: We hold each other to the highest standard of quality and performance.
Fulfillment of Potential: We are committed to development through lifelong learning.
Integrity: We conduct ourselves in an ethical and respectable manner.
Professionalism: We are role models of professionalism who always demonstrate the highest professional standards and caring attitudes for our clients.
Quality: We are dedicated to the never-ending pursuit of improving healthcare for the benefit of our patients.
Responsibility: We are responsible for our attitudes and actions.
Service: We provide service to our university, communities and professions.
Well-Being: We promote physical, emotional, and social well-being.


1: Strengthen Quality and Reputation of Academic Programs

2: Increase Degree Productivity and Program Efficiency.

3: Increase the Number of Degrees Awarded in STEM and Other Areas of Strategic Emphasis.

4: Strengthen the Quality and Reputation of Scholarship, Research, and Innovation.

5: Increase Research and Commercialization Activity.

6: Increase Collaboration and External Support for Research Activity.

7: Strengthen the Quality and Recognition of Commitment to Community and Business.

8: Increase Levels of Community and Business Engagement.

9: Increase Community and Business Workforce.

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