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2018-2019 Catalog
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Non-Degree Seeking and Special Status Students

Individuals may seek admission to UNF in a non-degree seeking or special status for one semester by submitting an application for admission and a $30 application fee to One-Stop Student Services by the appropriate deadline for the desired semester. Upon admission, the student may register for one term in a non-degree seeking / special student category. Non-degree / special students wishing to continue at UNF beyond one term must consult One-Stop Student Services regarding formal admission procedures and policies. Successful completion of coursework in this status does not guarantee admission to the University.

No more than 12 undergraduate semester hours earned as a non-degree / special student may be transferred to a UNF undergraduate degree program. The transfer of any course(s) to a degree program earned while in a non-degree seeking / special status must be recommended by the dean or designee of the college which administers the program.   

First-time-in-college freshmen are prohibited from enrolling as non-degree seeking / special students. Students enrolled in a non-degree / special status will register for classes on a space-available basis and are not eligible for financial aid at UNF.  

To view information on transient enrollment, click here.