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2018-2019 Catalog
Students during a campus life sign-up event

Students Seeking Re-Admission

Any student who has not enrolled at the University in any of the last three consecutive terms and who wishes to re-enroll in the University must apply for re-admission.

In order to be considered for re-admission, a former student must file a new application for admission and pay the $30 application fee by the appropriate deadline for the desired semester. Students are also advised to contact the One-Stop Student Services to confirm whether the appropriate documents (transcripts and test scores) are still on file and whether additional items are needed. Students who re-apply are subject to any new admissions requirements and to the program requirements published in the catalog for the academic year in which they re-initiate enrollment at UNF.

Admissions offers are made for the term requested by the applicant. If the applicant does not matriculate, he or she may re-apply for a future semester. Supplemental documentation for non-matriculated applicants is kept for up to one year, but applications are term-specific and must be updated for admissions consideration.

To view the University's official policy, click here.