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2019-2020 Catalog
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UNF's Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The University of North Florida's academically talented students receive individualized attention and opportunities to engage in transformational learning: e.g., community engagement, internships, international study, and research. Dedicated faculty and staff create a rich learning environment on a beautiful campus that provides an inspiring setting for our diverse community. Together, we enhance the economic and cultural development of our growing metropolitan region.

Vision Statement

The University of North Florida will be an institution of choice, nationally recognized for high-caliber students, faculty, and staff. We will be known for engaging students with experiential learning grounded in critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical skills. We will expand our reach and relevance through innovative programs and research that drive the economy, build upon our extensive partnerships, and position our students for lifelong success. Students will develop the global perspectives and cultural understanding needed to address future challenges.


The University of North Florida is committed to values that promote the welfare and positive transformation of individuals, communities, and societies. We value:

  1. The pursuit of truth and knowledge carried out in the spirit of intellectual and artistic freedom
  2. Ethical conduct
  3. Community engagement
  4. Diversity
  5. Responsibility to the natural environment
  6. Mutual respect and civility

Statement of Unity

UNF stands in unity and solidarity with all members of our community, regardless of genetic information, race, color, religion, age, sex, disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, or veteran status. We are proud of the diversity in our students, faculty and staff.

We strongly condemn acts of hate and bigotry as antithetical to the university's core values of mutual respect and civility. Actions and words that seek to deny human beings full membership in the broader moral community on the basis of arbitrary characteristics are intolerable. We stand opposed to violence in language or in action, and we see these as a threat to the mission of UNF as a public university that is committed to intellectual and cultural growth and civic awareness.

We pledge to stand with and for those who are the most vulnerable members of our community and to take actions that help our students and fellow employees feel safe and know that they are safe. We affirm UNF's unreserved commitment to student success within a diverse, supportive campus culture. We seek to embody the ideals of a free and democratic society, and we fully support and value each member of our community.