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Five students sitting on stairs with text UNF Cass community alliance for student success

Community Alliance for Student Success

You're unique. So is CASS.


Community Alliance for Student Success, or CASS, was created to serve traditionally underrepresented students on campus. 


Check out a quick video of the CASS program here!


With CASS, students:

  • Have a supportive student community on campus
  • Build relationships with trusted and experienced minority mentors, including industry leaders and local business owners
  • Connect with the campus community and culture, and discuss personal experiences and current events in a safe and respectful environment


How to join the CASS community:

  • UNF students can join CASS by completing the application form (Deadline is Aug. 26)
  • After the deadline you will get matched with your team


Program Structure:

  • Each student will be paired/matched with a team of 10 other students
  • Community leaders will serve as team leaders for each team
  • Students will meet with their teams once a month
  • Team gatherings include events on campus and off campus to show students additional job opportunities and networks in Jacksonville