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Increase your brand recognition at UNF with the Employer of the Day program; Photo of company tabling with 4 people
Increase your brand recognition at UNF with the Employer of the Day program; Photo of company tabling with woman smiling.


UNF Employer of the Day

The UNF Employer of the Day provides recruiters opportunities to meet UNF students and expand on-campus branding for the company.  Employers are provided a recruiting table strategically placed in high-traffic student areas where recruiters can meet-and-greet students, promote internship and job opportunities, and market other company experiences.  If a company has recruiting preferences for certain types of students in targeted majors, Career Services will optimize your table location to ensuring your team meets their student engagement goals.  


General Information

Employer of the Day opportunities are available to any employer each fall and spring semester on a first-come first serve basis.   Due to the popularity of employers wanting to recruit on-campus, priority scheduling is provided to Career Center sponsors and employers who have purchased recruiting packages.  Specific days and times during the week were selected to maximize high-volume student traffic.    

  • Days and Times Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
  • Employers may select particular locations depending on the desired students they wish to meet (i.e., business majors, health majors, engineering majors, etc...)   

Cost & Setup Items

  • $100 for each Employer of the Day on-campus experience.  UNF will provide (1) 6'x10' table and (2) chairs.    

  • Employers are encouraged to submit a PowerPoint slide prior to their visit promoting any available opportunities.  This slide will run on numerous building monitors throughout the day. 

Best Practices 

  • Giveaways are encouraged to attract students to your table!  These might include food, snacks, drinks, or various company branded promotional items
  • Provide some type of interactive experience or game to help break the ice with students (i.e., a wheel students can spin for a price, etc...) 


Scheduling & Questions  
To schedule an Employer of the Day, please email Career Services at with a few available days and times your organization would like to visit UNF.  We look forward to seeing you on campus!