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What Can You Do With A Major In Religious Studies? 

A program that focuses on the nature of religious belief and specific religious and quasi-religious systems. Includes instruction in phenomenology; the sociology, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, literature and art of religion; mythology; scriptural and textual studies; religious history and politics; and specific studies of particular faith communities and their behavior.

Typical Career Paths

International Organizations 


Communications and Arts
Social Services
Religiously Affiliated Areas

Typical Job Titles 

Note: Some of these occupations might require advanced degrees

Teacher   Family Relations Mediator
Pastor   Relief Worker
Divinity Professor   Biblical Studies Professor
Theologian   Philosopher
Philosophy and Religion Instructor   Religion Department Chair
Systematic Theology Professor   Chaplain
Religious Educator   Theology Teacher
Counselor   Associate Pastor
Customer Service Representative   Minister/Youth Minister
Denominational Executive   Minister of Music
Campus Religious Coordinator   Director of Religious Education
Missionary   Campus Minister
Nursing Home Director   Church Building Engineer
Church Camp Director   Church Secretary
Guidance Counselor   Priest
Rabbi   Religious Researcher
Salvation Army Worker   Public Relations Representative
Seminary Administrator   Religious Staff Writer
Social Worker   Religious Educational Administrator
YMCA/YWCA Worker    


Typical Employers/Work Settings    

  • Churches/Synagogues/Mosques
  • Private Educational Institutions
  • Post-Secondary Educational Institutions
  • Missionaries
  • Child Day Services
  • International aid and relief organizations
  • Non profit organizations
  • Insurance companies
  • Retail stores
  • Banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Interdenominational organizations
  • Denominational publishing houses
  • Museums
  • Immigrant and refugee resettlement programs
  • Hospitals
  • Correctional institutions
  • Nursing homes
  • Youth Organizations
  • Religious based camps and youth programs   

Match This Major To Careers

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Beginning Salary Range: Typical Salaries

According to the ONET, starting salaries for graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Workers start at about $28,750 a year.

Salary Resources 


Skills Needed For This Career

Communicating in a logical manner   Interest in pursuing, exploring and explaining intangible ideas
Debating skills   Self-discipline
Theory Development   Curiosity
Open-mindedness   Close, extensive reading
Objectivity   Work independently
Oratory skills   Problem solving
Deductive reasoning    


Links To Professional Associations 

Professional Associations are important to explore because many offer student memberships and can give you access to other professionals and their experiences, research, convention or workshop opportunities, professional development and most importantly job databases.
American Counseling Association  
American Mental Health Counselor Association
American Psychological Association 
Association of Psychological Science  

American Academy of Religion
American Association of Pastoral Counselors
American Catholic Philosophical Association
Religion Newswriters Association

Religious Education Association

Job Search/Career Information 

National Organizations or Databases  - resource to explore requirements for pursuing licensure as a counselor in Florida and other states.

Graduate Schools 

Applying To Graduate and Professional Schools  

Link To UNF Program 

The College of Arts and Sciences  at the University of North Florida offers a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in  Psychology.  

Holland Interest Codes 

Psychology- Investigative; Social; Artistic (ISA)
Child Psychology- Social; Artistic; Investigative (SAI)

Career Action Plan

  • Conduct an informational interview with or shadow a professional in the field to gain more knowledge about this career
  • Do at least one internship related to your career goal/program of study before graduating to gain experience
  • Get involved in volunteer work and community service
  • Develop leadership skills through on-campus activities such as Presidential Envoys, Residence Assistant, Student Government, Peer Advisor, etc.
  • Develop team skills through involvement in student clubs and organizations on campus
  • Join a professional association related to your career choice
  • Develop an understanding about various faiths and beliefs
  • Gain experience working with people from a variety of backgrounds