What Can You Do With A Major In Anthropology?


The Anthropology Program seeks to provide a greater understanding of humankind from a 

holistic perspective. To account for the complexity of humankind anthropologists focus on: 

1) Cultural adaptations and diversity in the past (archaeology); 2) Socio-cultural institutions 

and symbolic constructs in a cross-cultural perspective (socio-cultural anthropology), 

3) The origin, nature, and uses of human language (linguistics); and 4) Human biological 

evolution and variation (physical anthropology).  Anthropology utilizes theories and methods 

from the natural and social sciences, as well as the humanities, to examine humankind.


Some Related Career Titles

To research these titles and more go to: Occupational Outlook Handbook and see the 

related print resources in the Career Services Library).

Typical Career Fields For Anthropology Majors

Education                          Museums
Archives                             Archaeology
Government                      Non-profit

Business                           Communications


Entry Level Jobs 



Art Conservator 

Field Archaeologist 

Museum Technician 


Museum Program Assistant 

2 Years Minimum Experience Needed Positions and/or Master Degree  

Museum Education Director 

Museum Exhibit Designer 




General Job Titles For Anthropology Majors

Anthropologist                              Archivist
Art Conservator                            Behavioral Science Advisor
College Professor                        Counselor 
Cultural Resource Manager      Curator 
Educator                                        Ethnologist 
Field Archaeologist                     Foreign Affairs Officer
Genealogist                                  Medical Anthropologist
Museum Education Director      Museum Exhibit Designer
Museum Technician                    Paleontologist
Product Developer                       Researcher 
Tour Guide                                    Translator



Typical Employers/Work Settings

Agencies                                         Archives 
Colleges/Universities                   Consulting Firms
Cultural Agencies                         Department of Interior
Government Agencies                 Historic Preservation Offices
Historical Societies                       International Businesses 
Museums                                        National Park Services
Non-Profit Organizations             Publishing Agencies 
Research Institutes                       Research Laboratories 
VIsitor Center                                 Zoos
Nature Centers
                              Historical Homes
Art Galleries                                    Libraries
Social Service Agencies              Hospitals/Medical Centers
Professional Associations            Retail Stores
Call Centers                                    Financial Institutions
Insurance Companies                   Real Estate Companies
Television                                        Motion Picture Industry
Internet Media Companies           Publishing Houses
Newspapers                                    Magazines

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Beginning Salary Range 

Entry Level with a Bachelor’s Degree: $36,163  (From the July 2010 NACE Salary Survey -National Association of Colleges and Employers)

For more information on salaries click here 



Skills Needed For This Career

Planning projects

Conducting field studies

Writing grant proposals

Summarizing results

Interviewing Surveying

Communication across cultures/languages

Sampling, gathering and organizing data

Recognizing cultural differences/similarities

Examining data and artifacts




Links To Professional Associations 

Professional Associations are important to explore because many offer student memberships and can give you access to other professionals and their experiences, research, convention or workshop opportunities, professional development and most importantly job databases.
American Anthropological Association 
American Association of Physical Anthropologists 
American Cultural Resources Association
Society for Applied Anthropology
World Council of Anthropological Associations  

National Association of Student Anthropologists
Society for American Archaeology
Society for Historical Archaeology
American Academy of Forensic Science



Job Search/Career Information 

National Organizations or Databases 




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Graduate Schools 

Local Programs - Master of Arts in Anthropology and other related programs
Florida Atlantic University 
Florida International University
Florida State University
University of Central Florida
University of Florida
University of South Florida
University of West Florida
National Programs – Master of Arts in Anthropology and other related programs
University of Mississippi
Other resources for graduate program research



Link To UNF Program 

The  College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Florida offers a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology.  


Holland Codes 

Investigative; Realistic; Enterprising (IRE) 


Career Action Plan


  • Gain research experience by working with a professor/faculty member on their research
  • Develop leadership skills on-campus (RA, Peer Advisor, Presidential Ambassador, Student Government, etc. )
  • Conduct an informational interview or shadow a professional in your career field 
  • Do at least one internship related to your career goal/program of study prior to graduation
  • Get involved in volunteer work and community service to gain experience
  • Join a professional association