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Frequently Asked Questions-Students



Q: When is Career Services open and where is Career Services located?
A: Career Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm. Our office is located in Tom and Betty Petway Hall, Building 57, Suite 2700.  Please call us at (904) 620-2955 or come by the main office during business hours to schedule an appointment.     
Q: Do I have to make an appointment to meet with a career counselor/career coordinator or can I just walk-In? 
A: Appointments are scheduled with career counselors/career coordinators to ensure there is enough time to discuss your career related needs.  The new "Career Nest" is a career development lab which enables you to walk-in between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday and work on any aspect of your career development.   
Q: What does Career Services offer? 
A: Career Services assists students/alumni students in exploring and clarifying career goals, selecting suitable majors, and expanding their knowledge of career options.  

Q: I am only a Freshman/Sophomore. When should I use the resources offered by Career Services? 
A: Career planning is a process and we highly recommend you start at the beginning of your freshman year and participate regularly throughout your college career.  Meeting with a Career Counselor will help you make smart decisions regarding majors and careers and develop an action plan to ensure career success. 
Q:  I really don't have any idea what to major in or what career to pursue, who can help me? 
A:  Meeting with a Career Counselor is the best start.  A Career Counselor will help you understand who you are ( skills, interests, values, and personality characteristics) as it relates to suitable majors and career options.   Career Services staff members also teach sections of a 3 Credit Hour Career Planning Course: EDG 2000 Career Planning and Professional Success that takes you through all the stages of career development.   The course is offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer B terms.


Q: I am a junior and have a major, I just need help with my resume, interviewing and job search.  Where do I go for help?
A:  UNF has decentralized its career services forming career centers in each of the colleges.   Go to the  "College Support Locator" to find the college career center that serves your academic major. 


Q: Is there a test I can take that will tell me what I should major in? 
A: No, but we do offer various assessments to help you better understand yourself and assist with selecting suitable majors and exploring career options. You should first meet with a Career Counselor to determine which assessments will best assist.


Q:Do you offer online assessments?  

A: Yes.  Both formal and informal assessments are offered online. You should first meet with a Career Counselor to determine which assessments will best assist.    


Q: What is the purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? 
A: It is an assessment designed to identify personality preferences and used by Career Counselors to help you identify and explore potential career options.


Q: What is the purpose of the Strong Interest Inventory? 

A:  It is an assessment designed to identify and prioritize your interests to make smart decisions regarding majors and careers.


Q:  Is there a cost to take the assessments?                                                                                                             
A:  Yes, each of the two formal assessment (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator & Strong Interest Inventory) costs $20.     


Q: Does Career Services offer any free assessments? 

A: Yes, we offer informal free assessments at no cost.  You should first meet with a Career Counselor to determine which assessments will best assist.    


Q: Will a Career Services representative speak to my organization or club? 
A: Yes, we are available to give a wide variety of presentations related to career development. Please complete the following program request (PDF) and email to Stephanie Toro


Q: Do you have a list of companies coming to the Career Fairs? 
A: Yes, if you are registered in Osprey CareerLink, login to your account and click on "Career Events". If you are not registered with the office, then you can access the information from the Career Services website (


Q:  Will the College Career Center place me into a job after graduation? 
A: No, we are not a placement office. 
While we do not place students in jobs, we provide a variety of resources for you to gain employability skills and opportunities to connect with employers to secure jobs.


Q: Can someone help me with my application to graduate school? 
A: Yes, the college career centers do assist students with the application process.

Q: I am an alumnus/a.  Can I still use the resources provided by Career Services?
A: As an alumnus/a of UNF, you have continuing access to a wide range of FREE career services and programming including job postings via Osprey CareerLINK, Career/Job Fairs, resume and cover letter critiques, on-campus recruiting programs, workshops/seminars, and Focus 2. A modest fee for individual appointments will be charged to alumni/ae who are one year after graduation.  Fees will be assessed for: Career Counseling, Career Assessments, Job Search Counseling, and Resume Critique appointments.



Q: What is Osprey CareerLink? 
A: Osprey CareerLink is Career Services' online career portal, where full-time jobs, part-time jobs, Internships, volunteer and career positions are posted exclusively for UNF students and alumni.  Osprey CareerLink is also your source for signing up for On-Campus Interviews, scheduling to attend our Career Events and much, much more.


Q: How often should I update my profile?

A: We suggest you review and make any necessary changes to your profile every semester.


Q: How current are the job postings on Osprey CareerLink? 

A: We receive and post jobs on a daily basis.


Q: How long is the review/approval process for resumes in Osprey CareerLINK?  

A: The average time for resume review/approval is 48-72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).  This time frame may also vary due to Career Services events and academic class deadlines.


Q: How do I find an on-campus job? 
A: Career Services does not list on-campus jobs. If you are needing a job on campus please refer the UNF Human Resources office: 


Q: Why should I do an internship? 
A: Internships give you the opportunity to receive "hands on" experience in your field of study. There is the possibility that the internship would lead to a full-time job after graduation. Most employers are looking to hire graduates who had relevant work experience while they were in college.


Q: When should I start thinking about pursuing an internship? 

A:  Career related internships (an agreement between you and the employer/organization, UNF is not involved) can begin anytime during your college career.  Because this internship experience is an agreement between the student and the employer, there is no set academic hour requirement to participate in the experience.  Academic internship guidelines are set by each individual department. If you are interested in pursuing an academic internship, we suggest contacting the academic internship coordinator for the major and inquire about the requirements to complete an academic internship.


Q: Do I get academic credit for an internship? 
A: If you do an internship as part of your program of study through your academic department you can receive credit for your internship.   Career Services also coordinates the IDS 3900 Internship Program for elective credit.  


Q: Will the college career center place me into an internship?
A: No, we are not a placement office. 
While we do not place students in internships, we provide a variety of resources for you to gain employability skills and opportunities to connect with employers to secure internships.




Q: How do I sign-up for an on-campus interview? 
A: First, you must be registered in Osprey Career LInk and your resume must be approved and uploaded. Login to your account and click on "Schedules". Next, click on "Qualified Schedules", which allows you to sign up ONLY for those interviews in which you qualify.


Q: I have an on-campus interview with a company, where do I go for the interview? 
A: Check with your college career center to determine the location of the interviews. 


Q: I think I qualify for this schedule, but it does not let me sign up. Why? 
A: There are several reasons why this may happen. Please contact our office for assistance.


Q: Is it appropriate to contact an employer after an interview? 
A: Yes, it is appropriate to follow-up and find out the status of the hiring process


Q: Is there someone who can look over my resume? 
A: Contact the college career center that serves your major for job search assistance.  


Q: Does Career Services offer resume templates?

A: No, we do not offer resume templates.  We do however have individual resume guides based on your college that detail how to create a targeted resume to your career field. The resume guides can be found under the “Students” tab, “Resumes and Curriculum Vitae” link or,_Curriculum_Vitae,_and_Cover_Letters.aspx


Q: Can a college career center coordinator/counselor write my resume for me? 

A: We DO NOT write the resume for you, rather we offer suggestions for improvement.


Q: Do I have to put my GPA on my resume? 
A: It is not required, but if you choose to do so, we recommend that it be at least a 3.0 or higher. 


Q: How long should my resume be? 
A: For most career fields one page is the norm.   For careers in education, human services, and non-profit,  a two page resume is ok. 


Q: How many references should I have? 
A: The standard is three, but always refer to the job announcement for clarification.


Q: Should I put my references on my resume? 
A: No, your references go on a separate document and are sent or attached only when asked for.


Q: Do I have to do a cover letter? 
A: Whenever you apply directly to an employer you should ALWAYS include a cover letter.  If you find a job on Osprey CareerLink that you want to apply for then you would submit a cover letter along with your resume.