Career Services Mission Statement

Career Services teaches students essential skills and encourages personal responsibility to explore and achieve career goals. Students are empowered to engage in self-assessment, career exploration, and job preparation. Additionally, Career Services develops and maintains relationships with a diversity of employers to provide networking and job opportunities for students and alumni.  


The mission statement is the foundation for Career Services' strategic plan and it states that the purpose of career services at the University is to help students to identify skills and aptitudes, explore career interests, and integrate classroom theory with actual on-the-job work experiences, enhance employability after graduation, develop social responsibility through a variety of off-campus learning experiences, and to understand the dynamics of human relationships and cultural diversity.


More specifically, Career Services' purpose is to:

  • Assist students in exploring and clarifying career goals, selecting suitable majors, and expanding their knowledge of career options.
  • Educate students about the job search process, providing them with networking opportunities, and offering a range of employer recruitment programs.
  • Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with a diversity of employers to enhance students’ career exploration process and provide students with a variety of employment opportunities.
  • Provide students with a variety of opportunities for experiential learning experiences to enhance the career exploration process, develop professional skills, and increase awareness of social responsibility.
  • Provide students with tools and resources to explore and pursue graduate studies and professional programs.
  • Provide the university community with current information about national and local employment trends.
  • Collaborate with faculty, administrators, staff alumni/ae, community members, and other constituents to develop effective career programs, services, and resources.  
  • The office supports learning through experience by providing opportunities for: intellectual development, civic and social responsibility, community service, cross cultural and global awareness, career exploration, ethical development, and personal growth.

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