Cooperative Education     


What Is Cooperative Education (CO-OP)?


Cooperative Education is a unique educational program in which students integrate classroom study with supervised work experience related to their major field of study.



Brooks College of Health Cooperative Education


HSC 3949 Experiential Studies in Health Science v 0-3
Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Cooperative Education Program. Students will participate in supervised work experiences related to their major field of study. Students may repeat this course for up to a total of six credit hours.  


NUR 3949 Experiential Studies in Nursing v. 0-3
Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Cooperative Education Program. Students will participate in supervised work experiences related to their major field of study. Students may repeat this course for credit, up to a total of six credit hours.  




Eligibility Requirements


To be eligible to apply to the Co-op Program you must meet the requirements below:


Must be admitted as a degree seeking student
Must have at least 60 credit hours at the time you begin your co-op assignment
Must have a declared major (officially accepted into college)*
If a transfer student, must have at least one semester of completed course work at UNF
Must have at least one semester remaining in program of study*


Must be admitted as a degree seeking student
Must be enrolled in courses at the time of co-op*  
Must declare a career goal related to major
Must have one semester remaining in program of study*


*Consult the Co-op Program Coordinator for specific requirements by individual college. 

Important Note: International students must consult with the International Center for eligibility requirements. 





There are numerous benefits to participating in the Co-op Program. Through the integration of study and work experience, you can enhance your academic knowledge and professional preparation. These experiences can increase your marketability upon graduation.

    • Learn new skills
    • Gain exposure to new environments
    • Test out theories learned in the classroom
    • Expand your knowledge of a specific career field
    • Explore career options
    • Discover what education and experience are required for each position 
    • Learn what job opportunities are available in your field
    • Help you establish a professional network


How To Apply 


To get started with the Co-op Program and get permission to register for the Co-op course you need to complete the following steps.

  1. Complete your profile in Career Wings.  
  2. Complete the Co-op Application  

Contact our office to set-up a pre-work appointment with Rachel Martin,Co-op Program Coordinator by calling 904-620-2955 (bring your Co-op Application to appointment).

  1. Once you secure an approved Co-op position have your
    Co-op Assignment Form
    completed and signed by your academic advisor and employer.
  1. Set-up an appointment with Maria Castro Co-op Program Coordinator to get permission to register for the Co-op Course.


Co-op Program Timeline 

Semester Before Begin Co-op Application process
Begin Co-op Job Search
Interview with prospective employers
Prior to
Course Registration
Complete Co-op Assignment Verification Form  
UNF Course
Registration Period
Register for Co-op class
Before End of
Complete all Co-op Course Assignments listed in course syllabus by established deadlines


Course Requirements


Course Format:         
This class does not meet in the traditional classroom setting.  Instead, the activities of the class will take place on the job, according to a schedule agreed upon by you, the employer, and the Co-op Coordinator.  A site visit may be conducted once during the semester to allow the Co-op Coordinator to determine if satisfactory progress is being made. 


Course Blackboard Site:
This course is accompanied and supported by a Blackboard website. Each students officially enrolled in the course will have access to this site. It is extremely important that you know how to access the Blackboard site and familiarize yourself with its content. LOG IN to the Blackboard® site by accessing 



Credit Hour Guidelines and Requirements  

You must complete the required hours based on the number of credits you have registered for each semester.  Please note: If you register for 0 credit hours you must complete a minimum of 100 hours/semester. 
If you desire to receive : You must work a minimum of:
3 Credit Hours 300 hours/semester
2 Credit Hours 225 hours/semester
1 Credit Hour 150 hours/semester
0 Credit 100 hours/semester* (minimum required)
*International students are not eligible to register for zero credit hours  


Co-op Course Assignments 


Learning Objectives Report (link) 

  • By the end of your second week on the job, you must meet with your immediate supervisor and draft your learning objectives for your Co-op work experience. Check course syllabus for specific assignment due date.
  • You must state specifically what kind of jobs you hope to become involved in and what you hope to  learn during your Co-op assignment. Note: New objectives should be established each semester.  

Student Self-Reporting Employment Data  

  • You will log-in to Career Wings and complete the Employment Data section in your profile. You will provide all the information related to your current Co-op assignment.

Update and Upload Resume in Career Wings 

  • You will update your resume and include your current Co-op position. Once you update your resume you will upload it in Career Wings. If you would like your resume critique by the Co-op Instructor please send a copy via email at least one week prior to the assignment due date.

Student Mid-Term Evaluation (completed by employer)

  • Must be faxed to 620-2690 or dropped off at Career Services 2/2086

Note: It is your responsibility to have the employer submit this evaluation to the Co-op Instructor by the deadline. 

Work Report 

  • The intent of this report is to provide an overview of your Co-op experience.

Co-op Assignment Evaluation (completed by student)

  • Provides you the opportunity to evaluate your Co-op assignment and site supervisor.

Student Final Evaluation (completed by employer)

  • Must be faxed to 620-2690 or dropped off at Career Services 2/2086

Note: It is your responsibility to have the employer submit this evaluation to the Co-op Instructor by the deadline. 

Time Sheet 

  1. Is designed to track the total hours of work performed by you at their Co-op job site. You must complete the required hours based on the number of credits you have registered for each semester.  
  2. You must keep track of your hours on a weekly basis. At the end of the semester, your site supervisor must sign your time sheet certifying the total number of hours you worked during the semester  

 See the course syllabus (link) for due dates for all of your assignments. NOTE: You MUST submit all your assignments by the specified deadline or you risk failing your Co-op course. 



Grading System

: You will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. 

A passing grade (P) is assigned if you receive a satisfactory evaluation on the Mid-Term and Final Evaluation Forms, complete the required hours for credit and you return all completed assignments to the Coordinator by the established due dates. 

A failing grade (F) is assigned when you do not submit written assignments, receive an unsatisfactory employer evaluations, or prematurely terminate your work assignment without consultation and agreement from both the Co-op Coordinator and the employer.

An incomplete grade (I) may be given under special circumstances, which must be discussed and agreed upon with the Co-op Coordinator.  This incomplete grade will revert to a failing grade if the matter is not resolved in a timely manner. 

For more program information contact:
Co-op Program Coordinator
Rachel Martin
Career Coordinator, Liaison to Brooks College of Health
Building 39 Room 4011


Sample Listing of Past Co-op Employers 


Adtec, Inc.
Advanced Environmental Laboratories, Inc.
Advantus Corporation
American Association of Clinical       Endocrinologists
American Lung Association
Amtech Computer Services
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Applied Digital Solutions
Applications Engineering Group, Inc.
Armor Holdings, Inc.
Arnold Transportation Services
Bank of America
Baptist Medical
Best Buddies Jacksonville
Bill Simpson & Associates, Inc.
Black & Veatch
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida
Bombardier Capital, Inc.
Brooks Rehabilitation Center
Capernaum, Inc.
Children’s Home Society, Buckner

Citibank Universal Card Services
City of Jacksonville
Clear Channel Communications
Coastline Lending
Commerce Diving Academy
Community Hospice
Community in School of Jax, Inc.
Congressman Ander Crenshaw
CSX Transportation
Duval County Public Health
ECI Telecom, Inc.
Elkins Construction, Inc.
England, Thims, & Miller, Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Florida Department of Children and

Florida Department of Environmental

Florida Department of Transportation
Florida Times Union
Georgia Pacific Corporation
Global Food Resources, Inc.
The Haskell Company
Health Care Management Consulting,

HomeSide Lending
IBM Global Services, Inc.
Industrial Power Systems, Inc.
Information Display Systems, Inc.
Jackson & Hewitt
Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
Jacksonville & The Beaches
      Convention & Visitors Bureau

Jacksonville Economic Development

Jacksonville Electric Authority
Jacksonville Humane Society
Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Transportation

John Hancock Financial Services
Law Offices of David James Thorpe
Legacy Trust Company
Malivai Washington Kids Foundation

Managing Partners, Inc.
The Mandarin News
Mayo Clinic

Medical Services Company
Memorial Hospital
Mental Health Association of  N. E.

Merrill Lynch
MGT Information, Inc.
The Miralink Group, Inc.
NAS Naval Air Depot
National Council on Compensation

National Park Service
Northeast Florida Regional Planning

Northrop Grumman Newport News
Nuvell Financial Services and National Auto Finance
Orthodontic Centers of America
PGA Tour
Predator Products
Prologic Controls
Prudential Insurance Company
RingPower Systems
Rowe & Rowe P.A.
Sea Star Line
Seminole Electric Cooperative
Sidewinder Technologies
Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.
Southwest Signal Engineering
St. Johns River Water Management
St. Luke’s Hospital
St. Vincent’s Medical Center
State Attorney’s Office, Fourth Judicial Circuit
Summer Breeze Transport
The Arthur Wilbur Co./Outdoor

The Dalton Agency
The Stellar Group
Sungard Corbel
Taylor Engineering Systems, Inc.
Timucuan Ecological & Historic

TNT Logistics
Unicorp IT Solutions Group
Unison Industries
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval
      Air Station

U.S. Naturalization & Immigration

University of North Florida
VA Medical Centers- Lake City and

Verizon Services Group
Vestcor Realty Management, Inc.
Walt Disney World
Water Recovery, Inc.
Water’s Edge Magazine
Williams Earth Sciences
WJKS Channel 17
WJXT Channel 4
WTLV Channel 12
W.W. Gay Facility Automation, Inc.
W.W. Gay Fire & Integrated Systems,