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UNF, a nationally ranked university located on an environmentally beautiful campus.


The University of North Florida sits on more than 13-hundred acres, right in the middle of a nature preserve.


Rebecca - What really appealed to me was the landscaping and the architecture and all the nature preserves and all the trees that are here and how pretty it is and how they've made it a priority to really keep the natural beauty of this area in the university.


UNF has five colleges, each offering a wide variety of studies. Students in very major enjoy small class sizes and individualized attention.


Robbie - I am very surprised at how well the professors know me already like I've seen them in passing and they're like hey Robbie what's up or you know hey how you doing and it's like they recognize me because I'm in their class - and it's just because the classes aren't big.


UNF is renowned for transformational Learning Opportunities or TLOs as they are known on campus. These are experiences outside the classroom that enhance the UNF education.


Rebecca - Paris was incredible, and the fact that I was able to go just blows my mind to this day um so the nursing program took a trip there just this past spring of my junior year and it was just a great experience we got to tour hospitals there and learn about their health care system.


In fact, UNF students take part in short term travel abroad at twice the national average.


And UNF leads the state when it comes to job placement after graduation. People who get a bachelor's degree from UNF are more likely to get a job in Florida than graduates from any other state university.


Darline - I know from my own personal experience that UNF does a great job of offering programs to students so that we are ready and prepared to go out into the workforce by the time we receive our degrees.


Nearly 17,000 students take advantage of all UNF has to offer, from Division I Athletics …

to new, state-of-the-art facilities …

to residence halls with the best amenities.


Emorja - With UNF I can see a change as far as with the growth of the students growth of with the campus itself and a growth of the opportunities…


The University of North Florida … no one like you, no place like this!