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Frequently Asked Questions to Ricoh Employees

FAQ's You May Want to Ask

How do I find out my monthly usage for my department's mult-functional device or printer?

Monthly volume or usage for your printer is posted at or you can contact to Shane Borden by calling Business Services 904-620-2875 or Ricoh Tech Support at extension 904-620-1195.


Our department is sharing a printer with another department. Is there a way to divide the cost of the printer?

Yes, it is easy. Both departments need to agree on the terms and conditions of use of your Multi-Functional Device or Printer. Next, Contact Ricoh Tech Support to enable user codes for each department. Then provide Business Services and Ricoh Tech Support with the Index #s so the right departments can be charged accordingly.


In case we need to share our department printer, what needs to happen so the other department takes responsibility for their printing costs?

We would have to determine what functions the departments need. Then, enable user codes per department with those specific functions.


Do I need to order supplies for our printer?

Absolutely not. Ricoh will never call for it. Your toner is included in your agreement with UNF's Ricoh Services. If someone is calling to supply toner, than it is most likely a marketing scam. Ricoh Tech Support will take care of your needs as soon as possible. In most cases, someone from the Ricoh Tech Support will be by before you notice the need for more toner. Should you run out of toner in the middle of a large job, you can always call 620-1195 and someone from the Ricoh Tech Support team will be by with more.


How do I order paper supplies for our printer?

The only supplies your department will need with the use of our program will be paper. You order that off the Business Services site under forms.


Do I contact the Postal Office for Postal Memo Slips?

No. Postal Memo slips are ordered off the Business Services site under forms. If your department has never ordered Postal Memo Slips, you will need to contact Ricoh Tech Support for additional information. Postal Memo Slips are provided at no cost to the department and can be ordered in batches of 25, 50, 100 up to 300.


Are there mailing guidelines for departments to make the mailing process easier?

Yes, especially if your department is interested in bulk mailing. Postal services will be able to guide and suggest the proper way to mail out items. All you need to do is call 904-620-2805 and some one on the team will be more than happy to help you. You can also check out the links in the left menu for additional daily information.


Our print jobs are caught in the print queue. What should we do?

First, check to see if there is a red light on the machine. This will give you a starting point on how to fix the issue yourself. Approximately 99% of the time, if you press the Job Check Status button the function that will tell you which is giving you a problem. Then, select the error and instructions will be displayed on the screen. Should you continue to have an issue contact Ricoh Tech Support at 904-620-1195 or e-mail . Someone from the Ricoh Tech Support Team may have the ability to reset the print jobs with your device name or come by to troubleshoot the issue. That's a service you cannot get using a device or printer not on our Ricoh Service Program.


If there is a question here that you still need an answer to and it is not provided send your inquiries to Sabrina Foust in the Business Services Office, Bld 8, Rm 1100 or e-mail