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 Ricoh Equipment

UNF Ricoh Printer Program

University of North Florida's Ricoh program offers single and multi-functional devices in Black & White (Monochromatic) or Color.  It cuts the cost of using printers purchased by departments who need to pay for paper, toner, recycling toner cartridges and other troubleshooting issues.  It cuts the time it would take HP or a Ricoh off-campus provider to fix an issue.


What advantages are there to having a Ricoh department printer?

  • No need to worry about the expense of printer supplies like toner 
  • No need to worry about the expense of purchasing a network printer
  • No need to worry about the expense of Maintenance Fees 
  • Ricoh handles all of the above "Free of Charge" with the Ricoh printer program

 Printer Options 


 SP 4510DN      SP 4520DN  SPC 352DN  SPC 600DN
Ricoh image of a SP 4510DN Monochrome Printer Ricoh image of a SP 6430DN Monochrome Printer  Ricoh SP C252DN Color Printer  Ricoh image of a SP C440DN Color Printer
B & W  B & W   Color & B & W  Color & B&W
42 Pgs per Min. 38 Pgs per Min.  21 Pgs per Min. 42 Pgs per Min.
Letter & Legal Letter to 11 * 17  Letter & Legal High Quality
Up to 2 Drawers 2 Drawers Standard & Bypass 2 Drawers
Network Printer      Network Printer      Network Printer      Network Printer
Java Card   Economy Color Mode  
Hard Drive   Wi-Fi  
Mid Size
Duplex Printer
Mid to Large
Mid to Large
Duplex Printer
Mid to Large 
Duplex Printer



What Can Our Ricoh Partnership Offer?

  • Printer models available in Black & White or Color
  • Multi-Functional Devices in monochrome or color that copy, scan and fax
  • On-Campus Copier Support Team to monitor and troubleshoot device issues
  • Free supplies like toner
  • Free recycling of cartridges

What's the cost to you?

  • An active data port and power
  • Printers only have a usage cost per: .0134¢ for Black & White prints, .07¢ for Color prints 
  • Mult-functional printers have both a usage cost and monthly rental fee. 
    • Usage costs are .006¢ for Black & White prints and .07¢ for Color prints. 
    • Monthly rental fees vary. 



To learn more and participate in this program contact Shane Borden at (904) 620-1337 or e-mail

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