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Postal memo slips and envelopes

How to Track Your Package

On Campus Tracking

All FedEx, DHL, UPS and Airborne Express accountable packages are handled through Central Receiving. Should your department need to use any of these services for outgoing mail, please contact Central Receiving regarding packages at (904) 620-2869.


If it is outgoing or incoming department mail contact Mike Trotter or one of his staff in Central Receiving will be able to assist you.


Central Receiving

UPS Tracking with the UNF UPS store

All mail being sent through the UNF UPS store has a tracking number and a web address to track product. Additional tracking options are offered through UPS. You can contact a UNF UPS representative at 620-4800 for more information or visit their website.

Tracking a USPS package

UNF Campus Postal Services has several options to track a package:

  • Certified Mail / Return Receipt
  • Priority Mail 2 & 3 Day delivery services
  • Insured Mail & Delivery Confirmation

With the information from any of the above postage services you can track the package from the US Postal Services website. These are options you can add to your postal memo charge slip if not available. For more information contact our Ricoh Support Team at 904-620-2935 or e-mail


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