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Postal memo slips and envelopes

Preparing Interdepartmental Mail

Interdepartmental Mail

Interdepartmental mail consists of regular correspondence being picked-up and delivered between on-campus departments.  It does not include the pick-up and delivery of heavy books or large packages intended to go from one department to another.  Interdepartmental mail is picked up twice daily.  Morning pick-ups are delivered in the afternoon and afternoon pick-ups are delivered on the morning route the next day.


Addressing Interdepartmental Mail Envelopes

These are envelopes used repeatedly for internal mailings. When using interdepartmental envelopes, make sure all previous markings have been marked out clearly to ensure proper handling and direction to the next intended recipient. To provide proper delivery, internal mail requires the full name of recipient and department.  If a department is not in the address, it will delay delivery.  

Some people have used manila envelopes, but they are only good for a one-time use. Please, remember the same rules apply, address the recipient and department.  Interdepartment mail envelopes are recyclable. When your envelopes become tattered, your department can order more through your office supply vendor. Slightly used ones can be provided upon request at no cost by calling (904)620-2935.  

Interdepartmental Mail Envelopes