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Postal memo slips and envelopes

Preparing U.S. Mail

Addressing Business Mail

Proper addressing insures timely delivery. To assist us in processing your mail efficiently, please use the information on address formats and placement when addressing your mail found here.


 You will get the best possible service if you:

  • Capitalize everything in the address
  • Use two-letter state abbreviations
  • Eliminate all punctuation
  • Use common abbreviations
  • Use ZIP+4 Codes

Make sure the place where you want the mail delivered appears on the line immediately above the city, state and zip code line; ie., 123 MAIN ST STE 400 or PO BOX 125. If both the street address and the PO Box on the same line, the mail piece will be delivered to the PO Box. Please see diagram below:

Postal Peice




Mail of any kind for transport by USPS should be enclosed in an appropriate envelope or parcel and sealed. The types of enclosures determine the mailing classification. Please, remember to include a Postage Memo Slip with outgoing UNF mail.



Items such as metal pieces, glass parts, product samples, chemicals, etc., cannot be mailed in envelopes. In addition to jamming and/or damaging the mailing machines, these items can also cause serious injury to employees in the mailroom. They require special packaging before mailing or shipping. UNF Postal Services will be able to determine the most appropriate handling method.


  • Envelopes and cards if pieces are more than 3 1/2" in height or 5" in length or .007" in thickness (thickness of a postcard) are also classified as non-mailables and may be returned to sender.
  • Envelopes with logos or seals covering the "Barcode Clear Zone" will most likely be returned to sender.


All foreign countries also impose various restrictions depending on country and item(s) being mailed.

It is recommended that when mailing questionable items to U.S. or foreign destinations, the mailer should call UNF Postal Services for assistance at (904) 620-2935.


Window Envelope Enclosures

Enclosures that are designed so the address appears in the window should not be stapled to prevent movement of the address from the window view. If the addressed enclosure does not properly fit within the window, use an envelope without a window. 



Envelopes may be sealed or unsealed when given to UNF Postal Services.  Unsealed envelopes will be sealed as they are processed through postage meters.  However, the department should seal large bulky envelopes with end openings, since these envelopes cannot be sealed by postage meter machines. If you have questions about bulky mail envelopes being fed though the postage meter call 904-620-2935 and someone from Ricoh Tech Support Team will be able to assist you.


A corrugated carton must be used, with old addresses removed.  Make sure that the contents are packed with plenty of cushioning.  Address information should be typed or machine-printed in an address label and placed in the center of the box. Use a filament reinforced tape to seal your package (Scotch Tape and Masking Tape are NOT acceptable).


Postal Memo Charge Slips

Postal Charge Memos are required in order for UNF Postal Services to process your mail. The form is completed by the mailer and must accompany the mailing to UNF Postal Services. A sample Postal Charge Memo can be found here.