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Our Campus, Our Health

Our Campus, Our Health engages students in the implementation of a biennial college health behavior assessment. Students assist with data analysis, disseminate the findings to stakeholders, and promote health behavior change throughout campus.

The project provides students an opportunity to apply the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) Responsibilities, and improve their research and leadership skills while providing a valuable health resource to the campus community.

The transformational learning opportunity teaches basic research methodology to grow the next generation of Public Health leaders. The initiative has been supported by internal funding aimed at broadening students' intellectual experience and positively impacting their personal and professional growth.

The student research team is recruited from the undergraduate and graduate Public Health Program. The 92 item web-based health behavior assessment is modified from the Centers for Disease Control - Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey and based on the six dimensions of wellness. The IRB approved survey is delivered every two years in the fall semester after pilot testing, cognitive interviewing, and review from a panel of content experts. A summary of findings is available to campus stakeholders.

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