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Our PERCH Counselors

Haiden Baier Headshot

Haiden Baier, Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern

Program Assistant, LGBT Resource Center

Osprey PERCH Fellow


I am Haiden Baier (he/him), a queer transgender man, register clinical social worker intern, and book lover. I have worked at the UNF LGBT Resource Center for almost 8 years and am passionate about working with the LGBTQ+ population, giving them the tools they need to succeed that they might not get from their birth family. I am well-versed in the coming out process, LGBTQ+ identities, and the nuances of LGBTQ+ relationships. As a fellow in the Osprey PERCH program I am working towards my license in clinical social work with the ultimate goal of providing services for LGBQ+, but especially transgender and gender nonconforming, individuals at UNF and in the Jacksonville area.

MaryBeth Borreca Headshot

MaryBeth Borreca, B.A.

Master of Science Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Class of 2021

OspreyPERCH Student Life Counseling Intern


I’ve been a UNF student since 2016- I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology in 2018 and am currently a second year in the university’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. I chose this path due to my interest in the helping profession and desire to decrease the stigma regarding mental health. I believe PERCH will assist me on this journey. Upon graduating in summer 2021, I plan to achieve licensure by working at a non-profit organization, particularly one that advocates for and promotes the well-being of LGBTTQQIAAP individuals.

Heather and Bandit Close Up

Heather D. Brinker, B.A. & Bandit

Master of Science Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Class of 2021

Osprey PERCH Student Life Counseling Intern- AAT-C Certificate Program


Hello, my name is Heather. In my previous years, I was an elementary school teacher before deciding to be a stay at home mother. Throughout my life, volunteering in my community has remained a priority and my greatest joys have been helping others help themselves. As life continued, I felt the calling to continue to help people in a more personal manner, thus began my journey to become a mental health counselor. I am excited to be half-way through my program and now a member of the PERCH program as an intern with an animal partner. My therapy animal partner, Bandit, and I are in the process of becoming a registered Therapy Animal Handler Team with Pet Partners and anticipate receiving our registration in the fall. As an intern counselor with the Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling certification program, I look forward to working with Bandit in helping clients experience calmness and comfort during sessions that may take us out of the office, inviting movement and nature into the healing process. After graduation, I plan to go into private practice with holistic health practitioners offering services that support the health of the whole person in mind, body, and spirit.


Hi, my name is Bandit (also pictured with my mom, Heather) and I am excited to join the UNF PERCH team. I am a four-year-old mixed breed pup. At six months old, I was given to a shelter where I lived for six months then took a long ride from KY to CT where I met my forever family. It was love at first sight for us all. Heather (my mom) told me that one day, I would have an important job to do, so she and I have been working together preparing for this new job. I LOVE PEOPLE. I am happy just sharing space with people, but I am also known as “the melting dog” because when I am invited to sit next to someone, I gently flop or melt into them as my way of snuggling. My hobbies include long walks, meeting new people, snuggling on the couch, playing with my squeaker toys, training games, and going for rides. Just like the human’s have degrees, we Therapy Dogs do too! I received my Registration as an official Pet Partner (with my mom) this summer. I cannot wait to wear my UNF Jersey and see everyone around campus! SWOOP!

Christen Broxson Headshot

Christen Broxson, B.S.

Master of Social Work - Class of 2022

Osprey PERCH Social Work Intern


After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Mass Communications in 2012, I moved to NYC to work in Marketing and Social Media. I quickly learned I was not fueled by these surface level careers and longed for something more rewarding and connected to people in need. I am a first year Masters of Social Work Intern with plans to graduate in the Spring of 2022. OspreyPERCH quickly grabbed my attention with its wide span of services offered to the student community in need. From early prevention to a whole health focus, I knew getting involved was the perfect move to develop my counseling styles and skills. I plan on working with girls in an education and private setting who need and want direction for the next steps in their lives after high school graduation. I also plan to work with younger girls who need a safe space for open discussion as they navigate their world. With my experiences as a NYC (and now Jacksonville Beach) based DJ, I plan to incorporate music in my counseling style, as music is a huge part of my life and personality.

ThyThy Bui Headshot

ThyThy Bui, B.A.

Master of Social Work - Class of 2021

Osprey PERCH Social Work Intern


I graduated spring 2020 with my Bachelor’s in Social Work and jumped right into the Master’s of Social Work program. I am in the accelerated program for my MSW and will complete the program Spring 2021. What attracted me to the PERCH program was witnessing firsthand the impact the program had on promoting good mental health in students, especially for first year students living on campus. I want to be able to grow alongside the program and learn more about how to help students on a micro, mezzo, and macro level. After I graduate, I hope to find a placement that would allow me to work with patients who have been terminally diagnosed and help them cope through their journey. When I’m not sipping my third cup of coffee in the office, you can find me rock climbing at the local climbing gym and reading books in Barnes and Noble.

Nicole Coplin

Nicole (Niki) Coplin, B.F.A

Master of Social Work - Class of 2022

Osprey PERCH Social Work Intern


This semester will be my first year in UNF’s Master of Social Work program, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. PERCH caught my attention as a great introduction to assisting students with accessing UNF’s student health offerings. After graduation, I plan to connect people to and or create access to appropriate healthcare, housing, and employment opportunities for the Jacksonville community. For fun, I like to walk, be active, kayak, hike, look at plants, cook, and hang out with friends and family.

Danielle Free

Danielle Free, M.S.

Master of Science Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Class of 2020

Contemplative Science and Secular Ethics of Positive Psychology

Osprey PERCH Student Life Counseling Intern, Housing and Residence Life

M.S. Contemplative Science and Secular Ethics of Positive Psychology

B.S. Psychology, Biopsychology

Chi Sigma Iota Chapter Treasurer

April Jones Headshot

April Jones, B.S.

Master of Science Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Class of 2021

Osprey PERCH Student Life Counseling Intern– Athletic Department


I am a second year Clinical Mental Health Counseling student in the Brooks College of Health, interning with the Athletic Department. As a retired Army officer and group fitness trainer I have a wealth of experience inspiring and developing individuals to be their best selves. I consider myself easy to talk to and strive to build an inclusive environment wherever I find myself. I chose PERCH for my internship because I believe and live by the principles of improving mind, body, and spirit to achieve mental wellness. After graduation I plan to work with substance abuse disorders and do volunteer work with Low SES community mental health center.

Semir Karic Headshot

Semir Karic, B.S.

Master of Social Work - Class of 2021

Osprey PERCH Social Work Intern


I am a first-generation Bosnian-American, I arrived in the United States as a refugee over 21 years ago. From high school I developed a passion for mental health, earning my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and currently working towards my Master of Social Work. In my free time I love to read, go to the gym, and spend time with my friends. It helps especially when the semester picks up! For my final year in the MSW program, I decided to work with the PERCH program at UNF mainly because I wanted to learn about a different approach and to gain experience working under a well-established practitioner such as Dr. Taylor. After graduation, I plan to work towards my licensure in social work so that I may work at a hospital with an interdisciplinary team focusing on individuals with mental illnesses.

Anastasia M. Kuhles Headshot

Anastasia M. Kuhles B.A.

Master of Science Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Class of 2021

Osprey PERCH Student Life Counseling Intern


My name is Anastasia Kuhles, I am a second-year graduate student. My amazing cohort and I will be graduating in August of 2021 and it is with great enthusiasm that I will enter the counseling field. PERCH became an interest of mine when I realized just how versatile it is in the services they provide and when given the opportunity to collaborate with them for my Practicum/Internship experience, it felt like the stars were truly aligning for me. Passionate about mental health I am excited to further my education by obtaining a PhD in Psychology and make the mind and mental health my true specialty as an educator, advocate, and service provider. Aside from working on my educational goals, I am also passionate about the arts, travelling, and sharing experiences with others. Raised in a multicultural home primarily by my grandparents, I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to many different ways of life either through travel, networking, or just listening to their stories. Fascinated by the world and with a want to make it a better place I found my passion for the helping profession.

Alison Leapley-Williams Headshot

Alison Leapley-Williams, M. S.

Master of Science Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Class of 2021

Osprey PERCH Student Life Counseling Intern


Once I graduate in 2021, my goal is to work with horses helping athletes, team building, and military families. I am currently a 2nd year in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program here at UNF. I have a masters in performance enhancement and injury prevention, certifications in integrative nutrition, and equine assisted learning. I also hold certifications with NASM for personal training, nutrition, corrective exercise, and performance enhancement. I chose PERCH to work with our Osprey athletes both on campus and at the barn with horses. I am so excited to introduce those who have not worked or been around horses,as well as those who have, how powerful the work with horses can be.

Jacquelyn Medero Square

Jacquelyn Mederos B. S.

Master of Science Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Class of 2021

Osprey PERCH Student Life Counseling Intern


My name is Jacquelyn, I am in my final year as a Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student. I will be graduating in Fall 2021 with my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as a certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy and Interventions. I enjoy being creative within counseling sessions and PERCH allows me the space I need to grow and utilize my creativity. When I graduate, I plan to explore different opportunities within the field of counseling and try as many areas as possible.

Melissa Mills HS

Melissa S. Miller, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, UNF Counseling Center


Hello, my name is Melissa and I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I received my Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work degrees from Florida Atlantic University. I'm currently working toward my Doctor of Social Work degree through the University of Tennessee. I'm trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy to assist those experiencing post-traumatic stress, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and The Gottman Method of couple's counseling. I'm also a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist through Trauma Institute International. I have experience and clinical interest in psychotherapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, codependency, identity development and stress management. I also have work experience with crisis intervention, domestic violence, family counseling, and case management. I utilize a variety of treatment modalities to meet the needs of my clients, including solution-focused therapy, person-centered therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. In my free time, I enjoy reading, practicing Pilates, cuddling with my dog, and spending time outdoors with friends and family.

Avonlea Veilleux Headshot

Avonlea Veilleux, BSW

Master of Social Work - Class of 2021

Osprey PERCH Social Work Intern


My interest in the intricacies of mental health began through my first bachelor’s degree in Psychology conferred at UNF. Then, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Social Work conferred spring 2020, and due to COVID-19, I experienced a memorable online graduation ceremony. These positive experiences at UNF with the Department of Psychology and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work convinced me to continue my graduate education as a proud Osprey. I am currently pursuing the Master of Social Work and Certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy programs. Throughout my undergraduate education I worked in the departments of Psychology and Social Work as a Research Assistant contributing to studies on social bias, natural disaster recovery, and most recently on individuals coping with the COVID-19 epidemic. My experiences have shown me I find the most joy working with people directly in a clinical mental health setting. My passion for mental health is what led me to the OspreyPerch Program. After graduating with an MSW in Spring 2021, I will continue my journey and become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist integrating Animal Assisted Therapy into my private practice. If you don’t see me around campus you’ll be sure to find me with friends and family, in the garden, with our dogs close behind. I look forward to graduating with a Master’s in Social work spring of next year.

Willow Puppy Headshot