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Clinical Instructor Renumeration

Below are the guidelines for obtaining a certificate entitling the bearer to register for two courses (6 credit hours) at UNF tuition-free. The certificate is awarded on a one time basis for completion of 300 hours of supervision of student interns in the College of Health:

  1. Documentation of the 300 hours must accompany the request. If more than one student and/or more than one term are involved, documentation must include the following: student’s name, term and year during which the supervision took place, and the number of hours for each student.
  2. Documentation must be verified by Program Leader or his/her designee (the documentation should carry a signature from both the supervisor requesting the certificate and the Program Manager.
  3. The certificate request and the accompanying documentation should be forwarded to Dr. Cathy O’Farrell in the College of Education and Human Services and she will issue the certificate.
  4. A certificate to be used in exchange for tuition for two college courses may only be awarded to an individual Clinical Instructor one time.