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APTA CSIF Web Instructions for a CCCE

Log into APTA CSIF Web

  1. Your username is your email address provided to the school you are working with.
  2. If you have previously created a password in PTA CPI Web or PT CPI Web, please use that case sensitive password to log into CSIF Web. If you do not have a password or forgot your password, please follow these steps to create your password:
    1. Go to the CSIF Web address
    2. Click on the link "I forgot or do not have a password".
    3. Enter your User Name in the box provided.
    4. Click on the Continue button.
    5. Check your email account inbox for further instructions on how to set/update your password.
      • PLEASE NOTE: The password creation/reset process actually occurs in CPI Web. Make sure to close out of any internet browsers containing CSIF Web prior to accessing the link in your email as this may result in an error when trying to set/reset your password. The link to change/create your password that is included in this message will expire 24 hours after the message has been created. If you try to access the link after 24 hours, you will receive a notification that the temporary authorization link is invalid. If this should occur, you will need to click on the 'I forgot or do not have a password' link located on the login page for CSIF Web to receive a new password reset link.
  3. Once you create and confirm your password, you'll be re-directed to the CPI Web login page. Please close the CPI Web login screen and go to the CSIF Web login page and use your username and case-sensitive password to login.
  4. If you do not recall your username and password, please contact CSIF Web Support at:

Completing your CSIF:

  1. Click on the '2015 CSIF Web Surveys' tab on your home page. It is located near the top of the screen.
  2. You will then be connected to the 'Current Site Surveys' page. Select your clinical site from the dropdown menu.
    • Once you click on your clinical site, the name of your site will be displayed. You will see the statement: 'There is no currently active survey for (the name of your specific site). Who do you wish to work on this survey?' All CCCEs that are registered in CPI Web will have access to edit the CSIF. If you would like to designate one or more of your CIs to have access to fill out the CSIF, please check the box next to their name and click on the 'Update Reporters' button.
      • PLEASE NOTE: If you do not see your particular clinical site in the drop-down menu, please contact CSIF Web Support at:
  3. Click on 'Start New Site Survey' button to begin completing the CSIF.
  4. You will see a screen with an overview of all the topic categories and their associated sections. Click on one of the red topic names to access the sections that need to be completed or edited. 5. On the last column on the right, click on 'Edit Now' to enter or revise information associated with a particular section.