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Nutrition and Dietetics Study Abroad 2022

Umbria and Tuscany, Italy

May 17th - June 1st, 2022

Italy Tuscany landscape


Study Abroad: Students participating in this 16 day program experience an authentic immersion into the social, historical, and cultural factors that impact food, nutrition, and society…while living in a beautiful country villa! You’ll learn about the Italian food system and how the local Mediterranean diet and customs affect societal health. You’ll also learn about the nutritional benefits of the Mediterranean diet and study differences in the culture surrounding food which influences health. Class structure includes lectures from prominent experts, language classes, and hands-on cooking classes. Each day offers a new and exciting adventure as we travel to hilltop towns where students visit local markets and the producers of olive oil, wine, fruits and vegetables, bread, sausage, prosciutto, pasta, pecorino cheese, gelato, and artisanal legumes. Most lunches in the hill towns we visit are provided in your trip cost and we will eat as a group to practice our Italian!


In the many cooking classes, you’ll learn from the local experts to prepare dishes from classic Umbrian cuisine as well as other regional favorites and we’ll eat the food you cooked for dinner. Meals are served in three courses which is the traditional Italian style. Villa Pieve is next to a centuries old castle in the Umbrian countryside where you can walk in your leisure time and enjoy the Italian summer climate.


Umbria landscape  Tuscany brick road and buildings

Course Names

DIE4931: Italy Food, Culture and Society (undergraduate)

HUN6123: Sociocultural Influences on Nutrition (graduate)

HUN7991: Nutrition in Global Health (doctoral)