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Estimated Costs

Main Costs
Fee Cost
Application Fee $ 50.00 (Non-refundable) (Submitted after application is received and directed by coordinator)
Registration Fee for Supervised Practice (1220 hours)

$ 7,450.00 one-time fee (Non-refundable)

The candidate can pay in full. However, if a candidate needs to pay in installments, the installment plan is $2000 for each of the following rotations: Foodservice, Medication Nutrition Therapy, and Community Nutrition and $1450 for the Concentration Rotation. Payment is due prior to starting each rotation.


Estimated Personal Costs Include:
Fee Cost
Housing ($800/month) $12,800
Travel to sites ($200/month) $3,200
Books $1,000
Health Insurance $150
Liability Insurance (per year) $35
Professional Membership $100
Computer/Technology $400
Lab Coats $50