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Brooks College of Health

School of Nursing Undergraduate Program Courses


Course ID Course Title
HSC3628 Healthcare Issues in Worldwide Communities
NSP3196 Core Concepts in End of Life Nursing Care
NSP3486 AIDS: A Health Perspective
NSP4955 Culture and Health Care in Ireland
NUR1010 Introduction to Nursing
NUR2930 Special Topics in Nursing
NUR3028L Fundamental Nursing Concepts and Practice
NUR3065L Health Assessment of Individuals Across the Lifespan
NUR3082 Perspectives in Chronicity
NUR3082L Perspectives in Chronicity: Nursing Practice
NUR3128 Phamacology Concepts for Nursing Practice
NUR3166 Introduction to Nursing Science
NUR3172 Foundations of Therapeutic Touch
NUR3219C Chronic and Rehabilitative Nursing Concepts and Practice
NUR3255C Medical-Surgical Nursing Concepts and Practice
NUR3531C Psych Mental Health Nursing Concepts and Practice
NUR3619 Family/Community Assessment
NUR3805 Socialization to Professional Nursing
NUR3816 Professional Nursing Concepts
NUR3825 Concepts of Professional Nursing
NUR4077 Human Communication in Palliative Nursing
NUR4093 Perioperative Nursing Core Course
NUR4168 Research Translation
NUR4177 Incorporating moral resilience into nursing practice
NUR4256C Complex Nursing Concepts and Practice
NUR4351C Pediatric Nursing Concepts and Practice
NUR4491C Maternity and Women's Health Nursing Concepts and Practice
NUR4635 Community Partnerships
NUR4635L Community Nursing Practice
NUR4636C Community Partnerships and Nursing Practice
NUR4826 Ethical-Legal Concepts in Nursing and Healthcare
NUR4827 Leadership and Management Concepts in Nursing
NUR4905 Senior Problems
NUR4906 Professional Nursing Transition
NUR4906L Professional Nursing Transition:Nursing Practice
NUR4915 Honors Research in Nursing
NUR4945C Professional Nursing Integration
NUR4954 Culture and Health in Thailand
NUR4955 Culture and Health in Austria
NUR4956 Culture and Health in England