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Brooks College of Health

Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®)

The TEAS is the required entrance exam for Regular & Accelerated Prelicensure B.S.N. applicants.  Candidates are fully responsible for the details provided in the FAQs section of the SON webpages.  This exam is required of all applicants to the Regular &/or Accelerated Prelicensure tracks. The School of Nursing will accept TEAS version V, VI, and VII (released on June 3, 2022) as the versions are all comparably scored.  Note that the entrance exam does not take the place of any other admission criteria in the selection process and that there are no substitutions or exemptions for this exam requirement.

The exam is standardized, timed, multiple choice, computer-based, and comprised of the following:

Test Information
Content Area Number of Test Items through June 2, 2022 Number of Test Items from June 3, 2022 Forward
Reading 47 39
Math 32 34
Science 47 44
English & Language Usage 24 33
Total Questions 150 150


Test items typically cover content from grades 10 - 12 in U.S. high schools. The TEAS composite score (based on the summation of the four [4] section scores) will comprise one half (1/2) of the points toward interview selection.


Each TEAS test section is worth a maximum of 100 points (100%) for a total TEAS score maximum of 400 points. Effective as of Tuesday, February 28, 2023, there is no minimum score required by the UNF School of Nursing.  Our School of Nursing does not consider the "Total Score" listed on the score report; again, your score is based on the summation of the four (4) test section scores.

Study Materials

Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI)

ATI offers two products to help applicants prepare for the TEAS: Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®) Study Manual and Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®) Online Practice Assessment. These products can be purchased exclusively at the ATI Online Store. For assistance with product ordering, you may contact ATI toll-free at (800) 667-7531.

Testing Information

Testing Periods

There are no longer set testing periods for the TEAS from the School of Nursing at the University of North Florida; rather, candidates may test at any time up through the application deadline and may submit scores from the previous five (5) years for consideration. 

Testing Location Options

Candidates may test with ATI using the new remote proctoring service that was initiated in Summer 2020, with PSI, or at alternate locations. To use ATI's new remote proctoring service, please contact ATI directly for assistance.  To find a PSI testing location, please visit To find testing at another academic institution, please contact ATI directly at (800) 667-7531 for assistance. Each site will have its own proctoring fee, which is separate from ATI's exam fee of $55.  Many other institutions across Florida and the country now offer the TEAS, but note that some will only test their own students.  Locally, Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) has resumed offering the TEAS through their testing office; local testers who wish to use FSCJ's site should contact FSCJ directly.  The UNF School of Nursing is not involved with testing schedules or registration processes.

Submitting TEAS Scores to the School of Nursing

Each applicant to the Regular &/or Accelerated Prelicensure BSN tracks is required to submit all TEAS Individual Performance Profiles (IPPs) for the previous five (5) years as part of the application process.  The proper submission method varies by applicant type; please refer to the FAQs for more details.  Only files formatted as the PDF downloadable report from the ATI portal will be accepted; screenshots of the scores from the ATI portal are not acceptable.  Scores must be correctly supplied by 11:59 p.m. on the deadline. The proper score report for each attempt is called the TEAS Individual Performance Profile (IPP), which is a vertically-oriented report that shows the four test section scores near the middle of the page.  The TEAS Transcript is not the correct report and will not be accepted.  Deadlines are posted at the Important Dates page. Late scores will not be considered.