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Brooks College of Health

School of Nursing Graduate Courses


Course ID Course Title
NGR5003C Health Assessment and Diagnostics
NGR5057 Health Assessment and Pharmacology
NGR5110 Theoretical Framework for Practice
NGR5141 Advanced Pathophysiology
NGR5172 Pharmacotherapeutics
NGR5226 Quality of Life and Chronic Medical Conditions
NGR5601C Diagnosis and Management of Acute Conditions of Adults and Children
NGR5810 Research Methods for Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
NGR5931 Special Topics in Nursing
NGR5950 Culture and Health in Ireland
NGR6400 Chemistry and Physics of Anesthesiology Nursing I
NGR6401 Chemistry and Physics for Anesthesiology Nursing II
NGR6404 Advanced Bioscience for Anesthesiology Nursing I
NGR6405 Advanced Bioscience for Anesthesiology Nursing II
NGR6421 Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing I
NGR6422 Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing II
NGR6423 Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing III
NGR6424 Principles of Anesthesiology Nursing IV
NGR6431L Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum I
NGR6432L Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum II
NGR6433L Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum III
NGR6434L Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum IV
NGR6435L Anesthesiology Nursing Practicum V
NGR6460 Pharmacology of Anesthesiology Nursing I
NGR6461 Pharmacology of Anesthesiology Nursing II
NGR6490 Regional Anesthesia
NGR6491 Advanced Anesthesiology Nursing Seminar
NGR6492 Professional Aspects of Anesthesiology Nursing
NGR6493 Technology in Anesthesiology Nursing
NGR6494 Advanced Modalities in Pain Management
NGR6510C Diagnosis and Management of Psychiatric Conditions: Acute and Chronic Management of Older Adults
NGR6511C Diagnosis and Management of Psychiatric Conditions: Acute and Chronic Management of Adults
NGR6512C Diagnosis and Management of Psychiatric Conditions: Acute and Chronic Management of Children and Ado
NGR6530 Neuropathophysiology of Mental Illness for PMHNP
NGR6538 Psychopharmacology
NGR6602C Health Promotion of Children, Men and Women in Primary Care
NGR6603C Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Conditions of Adults and Children in Primary Care
NGR6673 Principles of Epidemiology for Advanced Practice
NGR6710 Teaching Nursing: Implementing an Innovative Learning Environment
NGR6712 Curriculum and Instruction
NGR6718 Evaluation Techniques
NGR6726 Quality Management for Advanced Nursing Practice
NGR6729 Capstone in Nursing Leadership and Administration
NGR6740 Role Development in Advanced Practice Nursing
NGR6816 Applied Nursing Research
NGR6875 HIT Certificate Capstone
NGR6892 Public Policy Implications for Advanced Practice
NGR6894 Global Health Care and Culture
NGR6942 Capstone in Nursing Education
NGR6970 Nursing Project
NGR7154 Advanced Bioscience
NGR7179 Advanced Pharmacological Management
NGR7767 Practice Management in Advanced Nursing and Healthcare
NGR7768 Advanced Practice Nursing Role Transition
NGR7843 Statistical Interpretation for Advanced Practice
NGR7850 Evidence Based Practice I
NGR7851 Evidence Based Practice II
NGR7871 Healthcare Informatics for Advanced Practice
NGR7946 Residency in Advanced Nursing Practice
NGR7974 Doctoral Project