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Graduate Program: Doctor of Nursing Practice, Nurse Anesthesiology

Computer Information

A successful student must be well-versed at using a personal computer to compose papers, take notes, create presentations (using Keynote or PowerPoint), research using the internet, download and save files. You must also be able to access high-speed internet. In the Jacksonville area, several service providers offer adequate options. While the UNF NAP is not in the business of promoting a particular brand of computer, here are a few guidelines:


PC laptops - For the sake of simplicity, any laptop with a modern Windows install, the MAXIMUM amount of RAM, and a wireless (WiFi) card will function adequately on campus and for the duration of the program. Make sure to purchase a copy of Office 365 or access to Google Docs, antivirus software, and anti-spyware software.  We have had some students used Windows tablets and Surface Pros.  As long as they meet the requirements, you can try to use one.  Our advice is to use what is commonly used and what you are used to (e.g., modern Windows or Mac laptop).  You will have enough on your plate as it is without trying to figure out your way around a new operating platform.


Apple Laptops - Any Apple purchased within the last two (2) years with an equivalent modern MacOS is acceptable.  It is recommended that you configure it with the most RAM you can afford.  While it is possible to use an iPad, it will be more challenging.  One can certainly use a tablet as an augmentation to class participation and studies.  You will need access to Office 365, Google Docs, or may use Pages, Keynote, and Numbers as long as you are proficient in converting documents to alternate formats when necessary for collaboration.

Software Requirements

No matter what computer you decide to get, have it properly configured for your word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software. Software should include Adobe Reader to view PDFs as well as the latest version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and backup software.  It is not your professor's responsibility to figure out why your wireless card is not working or why your computer keeps freezing, so ensure you have a solid understanding of how to join wireless networks and basic troubleshooting.  All other needs must be directed through UNF Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk resources

Making Backups

The academic rigors of the program are stressful enough; do not try to make life harder by waking up one morning to discover your hard drive does not work anymore. Purchase a sizeable external HD and incremental backup software that will enable you to get back on your feet quickly should the worst happen. You need to focus 100% of your efforts on learning anesthesia, not reconstructing your lost notes and presentations.

TVC Client Download

You will need to coordinate with the Televideo Presence engineer to obtain our current version of TVC software for times when you may need to connect remotely.

IT Support

Information Technology Services (ITS)

UNF Help Desk

UNF Recommended Technology Minimums