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Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®)

Entrance Exam for Regular & Accelerated Prelicensure B.S.N.

Candidates are fully responsible for the details provided in the FAQs section of the SON webpages.

This exam is required of all applicants to the Regular &/or Accelerated Prelicensure B.S.N. tracks of the School of Nursing. The required exam is the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) from ATI.

UNF currently accepts version V as well as VI, which was released by ATI on August 31, 2016, as the versions are comparably scored at this time.

Note that the entrance exam does not take the place of any other admission criteria in the selection process and that there are no substitutions or exemptions for this exam requirement.

The exam is standardized, timed, multiple choice, computer-based, and comprised of the following:

Test Information
Content Area Number of Test Items Amount of Time Allotted
Reading 53 64 mins
Mathematics 36 54 mins
Sciences 53 63 mins
English & Language Usage 28 28 mins
Total 170 209 mins

*ATI has advised that of the 170 items on TEAS, 150 are scored and 20 are used to help determine content on future editions of the test as a means of pre-testing.

Test items typically cover content from grades 10 - 12 in U.S. high schools. The TEAS composite score (based on the summation of the four section scores) will comprise one half (1/2) of the points toward interview selection.

Each section is worth a maximum of 100 points (100%) for a total TEAS score maximum of 400 points. The minimum score required on the exam is 300.00.

Study Materials

Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI)

ATI offers two products to help applicants prepare for the TEAS: Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®) Study Manual and Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS®) Online Practice Assessment. These products can be purchased exclusively at the ATI Online Store. For assistance with product ordering, you may contact ATI toll-free at (800) 667-7531.

Testing sites, dates and fees

Testing periods

There are no longer set testing periods for the TEAS from the School of Nursing at the University of North Florida; rather, candidates may test at any time up through the application deadline and may submit scores from the previous five (5) years for consideration. All TEAS scores are due to the School of Nursing via e-mail submission by 11:59 p.m. on the deadline. Deadlines are posted at the Important Dates page. Late scores will not be considered.

Testing Location Options

Testing for the TEAS at the University of North Florida is no longer available. However, the UNF Office of Academic Testing worked with ATI and staff at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) to establish that institution as a local testing option. Effective beginning in Summer 2018, the TEAS will be offered at FSCJ's Kent, Deerwood, North, and South campuses. Additional details are available at To register for the TEAS at FSCJ, please click on "Make a Testing Appointment." From there, choose the desired campus, date, and testing time. The appointment system will tell candidates how to register and what to bring for the exam. For questions, please contact the Kent Campus Assessment & Certification Center at (904) 381-3491.

Test at another approved site. Candidates may test at PSI or with alternate locations (link will open as a .pdf file). To find a PSI testing location, please visit To find testing at another academic institution not listed under the "Alternate Locations" document above, please contact ATI directly at (800) 667-7531 for assistance. Each site will have its own proctoring fee, which is separate from ATI's exam fee of $55.

Many other institutions across Florida and the country now offer the TEAS, but note that some will only test their own students.

Submitting TEAS Scores to the UNF School of Nursing

Each applicant to the Regular &/or Accelerated Prelicensure BSN tracks is required to submit all TEAS Individual Performance Profiles (IPPs) for the previous five (5) years. This applies to all attempts at any testing site. The file(s) should be submitted by the application deadline with the supplemental program application to Dr. Beth Dibble at Only files formatted into PDF will be accepted.

Scores must be fully submitted for each application period. Applicants may choose to contact ATI to submit these to the UNF School of Nursing for a fee per score set or may locate the IPP for free online in the ATI portal and submit the report(s) personally (recommended).

Please review these examples of the correct and incorrect TEAS report formats (link will open as a .pdf file).

Contact Information

School of Nursing Admissions Office

For TEAS questions not covered here or in the FAQs:

Beth A. Dibble, EdD, MPS, MSCJ

Assistant Director for Admissions: Nursing Programs

Study Materials

Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI)

(800) 667-7531