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The mission of the UNF Athletic Training Program is to prepare our students for entry-level clinical practice through interdisciplinary coursework and diverse clinical education experiences. The UNF Athletic Training graduate will be a competent, caring allied health care professional capable of using evidence-based practice and the knowledge and skills necessary to provide quality patient care. The Athletic Training Program seeks to inspire students to be lifelong learners and advocates for the profession.

Program Goals and Outcomes:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to develop skills in the current BOC domains of clinical practice.
    • Students will be satisfied with professional preparation received in each domain and content areas related to the domains.
    • Students will be able to effectively apply knowledge in the clinical setting in each content area related to the domains.
    • Students will perform at or above the national average on each domain assessed on the BOC exam.
  • Provide students with a variety of educational experiences in the classroom and through clinical education that promote the use of effective communication skills, professional and ethical behavior, professional growth, and evidence-based practice.
    • Students will be confident in their ability to communicate effectively, display professional and ethical behavior, and implement evidence-based practice.
    • Students will receive satisfactory ratings for communications skills, display of professional and ethical behavior, and implementation of evidence-based practice in the clinical setting.
    • Students will demonstrate an understanding of professional behaviors and relate these to their professional growth as a clinician.
  • Prepare students for success as an allied health care professional in the field of athletic training by:
    • Providing opportunities for clinical education experiences in a variety of settings under the supervision of preceptors who are committed to teaching and learning.
      • Students will be satisfied with their clinical education opportunities and mentorship by Preceptors.
      • Clinical education sites and Preceptors will provide a supportive and stimulating learning environment for students.
    • Providing a challenging curriculum, which is complemented by clinical education experiences that prepare students for autonomous practice.
      • Students will be confident in their athletic training knowledge and skills and feel prepared for employment as an athletic trainer.
      • BOC exam first time pass rates will be above the national average.
      • Students will demonstrate proficiency in the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to provide quality patient care.