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Active Communicable Disease Policy

The Athletic Training Program recognizes the importance of appropriate prevention, detection, and treatment guidelines for communicable diseases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have established the Guideline for Infection Control in Health Care Personnel which can be found on the CDC website. Additionally, the University of North Florida Bloodborne Pathogen Program Exposure Control Plan and Comprehensive Health, Safety and Risk Management Program can be located on the University's Environmental Health and Safety website.

A communicable disease is a disease that is typically transmitted through person-to-person contact or shared use of contaminated instruments/materials (ex. hepatitis, measles, influenza, human immunodeficiency virus). It is the option of the Athletic Training student to seek appropriate medical care if signs and symptoms of a communicable disease occur. Seeking medical care is strongly recommended by the Athletic Training Program. Any student with an active communicable disease must report the condition to their Preceptor immediately to lessen the risk of transmission to others at his or her clinical site. Based on the recommendations of a health care provider, the Preceptor may choose to allow a student to remain at home. If the student is advised by a health care provider or Preceptor to stay away from his or her clinical site while ill, the absence will be excused. Any decisions regarding how long the student should stay at home or when the student can return to the clinical education site will be determined by the health care provider. Any student that is exposed to a communicable disease in the community, UNF, or clinical education site should immediately notify their Preceptor or Program Director. Specific actions to be taken will be directed by the UNF Environmental Health and Safety Office Policy. If a Preceptor believes a student is misusing the Active Communicable Disease Policy and has accumulated excessive absences, he or she should notify the Clinical Education Coordinator or Program Director.